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Problems with AnyDVD6130 crashing


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Jan 29, 2007
I have been having problems with AnyDVD6130 crashing. I normally have AnyDVD load on startup. I want to copy a movie previously copied with 1 Click Pro to my HD onto a DVD+RW, or any other media for that matter. When I insert the media, AnyDVD immediately sends the "windows close down and send bug report" window, and shuts down. My computer then no longer sees any disk in either of my disk drives.
If I take AnyDVD6130 out of the startup, and reboot everything returns to normal. If I start AnyDVD after startup, the same thing happens.

I am not using the HD part of AnyDVD, and have never had any problems with it before. SlySoft forum has a list of recent program conflicts, but none seem to apply.

Any Ideas?
I would start by downloading it again and reinstall. crash

I have a very similar problem, except that crashes when switching from the Title page to the Audio page, causing my system to reboot itself--no error alerts. Same thing with any disk tried. Have downloaded/reinstalled several times (uninstalling previous versions first each time, of course). Used system restore each time to revert to previous version which continues to work flawlessly. Have never had any problem with any previous version of AnyDVD (have used the program for a long time). I use CloneDVD2. No system changes except attempting the update. Another post recommended sticking with the version that works and that seems sound. Could recent HD additions to the program be causing problems as that seems the major change in
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Thanks, Webslinger! Followed your link to the directions to update the IDE/SATA after following the uninstall/reinstall AnyDVD direction and other troubleshooting tips you linked to. No crashes so far. AnyDVD now doing its usual quietly exceptional job with For the record, I've found tech support at SlySoft to be very patient, detailed and quickly responsive when I've had a question and have used the software for over a year.
Mistake in version same as (W2000)

Please update to version AnyDVD or higher, I found a big bug in the
version (same as found in This bug crashes the computer with a blue-screen 'driver_irql_not_less_or_equal' for example under W2000!
Never had that

As for myself, I have never had a crash with ANY version of AnyDVD.:disagree:

After downloading, and with it working well, I was curious (I know, I know...) and rolled back the ATA/ATAPI controller driver to the prior Intel 8280 ATA controller and crashed at the same place (between the Title screen and the Audio screen) as . Re-updated the driver back to the Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE controller and all was well again. Which underscores the problem being with my system configuration rather than with AnyDVD.
I am installing as is the first version that has ever crashed on my machine :-( I hope fixes it!