problems with "A Simple Favor"

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    Having trouble with the DVD A Simple Favor. The responses here on the forum don't make sense to me. Do I download the file zipload above? What do I do with it then? All I get so far is that clone cant read from the device. I can normally figure these things out, but I'd sure like some brief instructions... Thanks Oh yes-- I've been using this for years. It's working now with a different movie.
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    Post split and moved. Please don't hijack someone else's topic for a completely different issue. DVDs don't have playlists, you posted on the bluray section. No you don't download logfile, they're for diagnostic use only by the developers.

    'cant read from device', can't read how. Please read the sticky above called 'please read before you post'. Then come back and try again.

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    A log file is attached for A Simple favor

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    Then you need to provide a logfile or there's nothing we can do

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    OK. I reloaded the version and rescanned the DVD, for some reason it took 3 tries but I did get the DVD copied. Thanks for your help.