Problems with a Mini-BD (AVCHD)

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    Hey Guys,

    unfortunately I've some problems with my first made AVCHD.
    I ripped with Any DVD HD the BD "I'm Legend" without problems to my harddisk. There are two movies on the Blu-Ray. At the ripped folder there are amongs others two big files, 17GB and 18GB, probabely the movies.
    Then I used "tsMuxer" to purge some tracks of the 18GB file. I got an 13GB file with the ending *.m2ts. This file, I cut in 4,4GB parts with "HDBDSplit". Back to tsMuxer a create an BD with one of these 4,4GB files and burn both created folders with nero in UDF2.5 format.
    This Mini-Blu-Ray or AVCHD named runst approx. 4.30min very fluently, then a lot of dropouts comes on my Sony BDP-S300 stand-alone player. Why that? With the other, 17GB file, I have the same problem.
    On my PC, the movie runs good with Power DVD 7.2 Ultra when I play the with tsMuxer edited files.
    Does anybody can explain me pleas, what the hell did I do wrong?

    Bes Regards from Germany.