Problems trying to get VCD to work (HELP!!)

Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by freak123, Apr 24, 2008.

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    Ok, so basically i just downloaded Virtual Clone Drive to play an ISO of mine after trying to get Alcohol 120 to work and having failed that i decided to try this.

    So it installed with no problems. When it came to running the program, it opened and the box comes with number of drives. I ticked Virtual Sheep and press OK. Unfortunately nothing happens what so ever after this no icon in drive in My Computer.

    Plz Help, I really need this working.
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    Getting it to work

    After loading it or clicking it to start 1 or how ever many drives,then go to your iso's and R click them and choose to mount in the Virtual drive.I remember doing the same thing a couple years ago.I thought that after I clicked on the icon that it was supposed to go somewhere or tell me something,but it only puts it on your system.It will also be in your my computer listed as a dvd drive,you can R click it there also.Hope it helps,if I understood you right. Maybe I didn't I just seen you did look in your "My Computer",sorry

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    Thanks for the reply mark, never managed to get it to work, I think it's because im running this VISTA OS (It's well known to be rubbish :D). Anyway, I extracted the ISO with magic iso and installed the setup then I got this replacement exe for No CD so I got the game to work now without needing to mount the iso.

    Thanks anyway.

    Freak :rock:
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