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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by opentoe, Feb 26, 2007.

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    I've been recording with AnyDVD and CloneDVD for quite some time now. Always stuck with this software, and never had any problems at all with it. Until very recently. I have installed Vista Business, but that was in October when the OEM Corporate version came out. I've been using it ever since with CloneDVD and no problems.

    Just recently, I wanted to clean my hard drives out a little and I had some ripped DVD's on it. A couple of movies and some episodes of Rome. I also only use DL DVD's. FujiFilm DVD+R DL most of the time. Ok, here is where it gets weird. I have two DVD burners. Both are Dual-Layer and have been flawless. I really never remember ever making a coaster before.

    One is a Plextor PX716A, and the other one is a BENQ generic model. 2x16x4x16. Both I've had for probably over a year with no problems.

    For some reason I cannot burn a DVD to either one of them using CloneDVD. I have the movie SILENT HILL and STEP UP on my hard drive. I've tried both burners and both made coasters. I'll check the writing out and it's very odd. My Plextor starts spinning like it's going to take off like a plane, but CloneDVD just sits there, running normally but doesn't budge. I can leave it there all day and it will never progress the burn and never bomb out until I forcefully kill it. Now, my BenQ drive doesn't spin like a race horse, but just eventually the CloneDVD will do the same thing and the drive will stop writing. This has happened with multiple movies, multiple drives and of course multiple DVD's. The only thing left is the program. It's difficult to keep testing because I'm burning away money by making DL coasters all the time.

    Anyone have any suggestions before I waste $100 on DL coasters to test this stuff out?


    P.S. It's a regular generic computer.
    P4 3.0 Ghz
    4MB RAM
    Asus P5AD2 board
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    can you try your drives in another PC?

    can you also try writing to a SL disc.

    if you using DL, use Verbatim +R DL only.

    may have been cheeper to buy a new drive instead of wasting $100 on coasters

    also try uninstalling/reinstalling clonedvd
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    Well, either Plextor's firmware is really messed up, but unfortunately my test machine onle had one SATA connectionn on it, so I actually couldn'u hook up a hard drive and DVD rom drive at the same time.

    It seems my Ben1620 just died. Can't even read CD-R's correctly in any computer. Just about a year old. They make those like crap. Never get one of those. I still have a 4x old SL SCSI DVD writer working just fine.

    Well, my Plextor had 1.08 firmware on it. I upgraded it to 1.10 version. Currently, I had a DVD in there now trying to burn. It's up to %39 which it's never gotten to before with Vista. I am burning a movie caled UNITED 94. If this works, then the next real test would be SILENT HILL. I made several coasters. Well, while writing this it's stuck at %43 and says 16 minutes left. This is what normally happens. The program won't crash, die or bomb out, it will just keep doing whatever it's doing. Amber light blinking off/on real quick steadily...and still at %43. I really don't want to have to go out and buy all new DVD drives becasue of this OS. So, what is it? Plextor? Microsoft, DVDClone? Where do we have to go from here now??? Every company will point the blame game and make us go around in circles. Even on Plextor's website with even their newest DVD drives they don't say VISTA compatible. Not too good really.
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    the drives will not say Vista compatable, they don't need to, as there just seen as optical drives, nothing else, all drives will be fine with vista.

    if your still having really bad issues with this, maybe the last resort would be a clean install of windows.

    as for the benq drive, well you can never tell when it's going to go, just bad luck, i've had my 1650 for about a year now (i think) with no problems.