Problems ripping Blu Ray files to Hard Drive

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  1. MsUnderstood

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    New here. Today I spent time with three blu ray discs that I wanted to back up. I generated, printed, and compared their logfiles. One of the discs had so many read errors, I just set it aside. The other two did not have apparent read errors according to the logfiles, yet I had already been unsuccessful ripping them to my hard drive with other programs.

    On the second disc, I tried ripping the files to my hard drive with AnyDVD. When 22.m2ts started processing, the ripping process came to a halt. I looked at the logfile and saw that the main .m2ts file - 00000.m2ts - had already been ripped, so I opened up the ripped files with BD Rebuilder and built the blu ray files. That disc is playing right now in my living room. (Go Robin! Beat the crap out of Sir John.)

    The third disc has continued to be problematic. Same process - tried ripping it with AnyDVD, but when 000065.m2ts started processing, the ripping stopped. Unfortunately, the main .m2ts file - 00054.m2ts - hadn't yet been processed, so I wasn't able to make a disc. I'm attaching that logfile here - also, for some reason the logfile's list of .m2ts files has two instances of 00054.m2ts. I don't know if that is part of the problem.

    I tried several times to use AnyDVD in the background while using BD-Rebuilder to generate a disc, but it always shut down at 8.5% processing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried MakeMKV and also using Windows to copy the files to my hard drive, but no joy. That would be great if I could rip only certain files to the hard drive and ignore the crappy files. Anyone know what I can try next? I'm going to go watch Robin now. Thanks!

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  2. Pete

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    My bet would be: replace the drive.
    It's either bad discs or bad drive, but with 3 out of three discs not working, the drive is most likely dead.
  3. MsUnderstood

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    Yesterday I tried to rip two discs. One was successful, the other unsuccessful. I‘ve included the logfile for the unsuccessful disc.
    It‘s not the drive. Details above.
  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Why not?
    And please, do not rename AnyDVD logfiles before uploading.
  5. Pete

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    What are you saying? That the details above somehow contradict the assumption, that your drive is bad?
    I read through all of it again - still everything totally points to a bad drive.

    That's just because that file is split into two areas because of the layer break.

    Nothing is preventing you from doing that.
    You can simply use Windows Explorer to manually select files to copy. Which parts of the disc will fail to play back then is a matter of luck, but since the movie usually makes up most of the disc, it's also the part that will fail most likely.
    Sometimes you'll be lucky and it's just some bonus feature.

    I'm not sure whether or not you're assuming the read errors are due to some funky new protection.
    Please know: there is no such thing as a protection based on deliberate read errors on commercial, pressed discs. Doesn't exist - so the likelihood of you having 3 discs, rather old titles even, that suddenly have such a protection is pretty much precisely zero.

    Your drive is finished. (Maybe a 1% chance of all three of your discs being bad, but I doubt that).
  6. MsUnderstood

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    Hi Pete, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your help - I'm not an expert, I'm here to learn. It may well be that the discs are causing the problem. I'm buying a new drive to compare results. That will certainly give me more experience in this process.
    BTW, it hadn't occurred to me that there was some funky new protection involved. I mentioned the two instances of 00054.m2ts because I was curious, I had noticed the same phenomenon in the logfile for another disc and wondered what had produced it. That makes sense that the file was distributed over two layers. Does that make it more difficult to copy in any way? I haven't been able to copy that file with Windows Explorer or Teracopy. I'll try it out again on my new drive.
    Hi James, thanks for the advice. I'd seen other members upload logfiles as .zip files and thought it was an okay thing to do.
  7. RedFox 1

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    You are supposed to upload the log files as .zip but just do not rename the files, that's all James was trying to say. We cant help you with out a full and original .log file.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    Just an fyi minor fix, original logfile's are in .ziplog extension not zip. All logfile must be in their original file name and extension or the analysis tools may not be able to properly process them.

    While they technically can be opened like ab average zip file, do not modify them in any way. Create them and upload them, as is.

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  9. MsUnderstood

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    It's not a problem for me to upload a filelog with the .ziplog extension - I changed the extension to .zip because that was the first option listed for uploading files. I didn't change anything anything else in either the name or the file. I generated the filelog, made a copy under a different name for me to look at, and saved the original to upload here. I changed the extension to .zip for the upload, but I won't next time. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    Ziplog is listed too, changing to .zip is modifying

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  11. Pete

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    Just for better clarification: the .ziplog extension is what triggers a log file viewer/analyzer of ours, so we can simply click on the file and that thing opens as opposed to click, save as, rename, open, delete after.
    If you look at dozens of log files every day, that starts to matter.
  12. MsUnderstood

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    Thanks, Pete! I always appreciate knowing why I'm directed to do things in a specific way. Otherwise, some rules can appear arbitrary.