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Problems Playing Ripped HD DVD From HDD.


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Aug 30, 2007
Im using the latest anydvd hd and the latest cyberlink powerdvd ultra, both are bought, i have an fast dual core amd processor fast and hdcp video card and my 50" plasma support hdcp, i have 2X500GB HD, also using the xbox360 hd dvd, just for the purpose to rip my OWNED hd dvds onto them, so i dont have to put the hd dvd in every time i wanna watch a movie.
The ripping part works fine and lets say king kong took less than an hour to rip
then when i open the powerdvd ultra and trying to watch the movie it doesnt work, it sayas wrong file or invalid file????
do i need to kind of convert the ripped files over 1st or????
i been to many forums and cant get an good answer or any dierctions of what im doing wrong.

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sorry i erased that part, becuse the problem is the ripped hd movies that i own and wanna play from my hdd in htpc
Just An Update

i ripped king kong again, and went in to to play 1 of the 2 big feature evo files
read it here that 1 way to play the movie, it actually starts but picture frame is so slow and more black than actually showing picture and sound is choppy, i read somewhere that u can double click on the xpl file and start the movie that way, that doesnt work either.
i mad e sure that nothing else is running except for powerdvd ultra so power should be enough or??????
2.40GHZ AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core,MSI NVIDIA nForce590 Motherboard, 2X500GB Seagate SATA, 2GB 800Mhz Dual Core Memory, Toshiba Xbox360, HDDVD, Liteon DVDRW 20X SATA, MSI nForce 7900GT DDR3 256MB HDCP Videocard, Microsoft Windows MCE OP, Anydvd HD, Cyberlink Powerdvd Ultra 7.3
If you ripped the entire film to the hard drive then you use the 'Open movie file on Hard disc' option, point it at the folder where you ripped the movie too (in your case king kong) and hit the 'OK' button the film should then play with all menu's and extras.
do you still need help with this

i ripped "happy feet just to try it .. found out that to play the film there is
a file called " STREAM" in all the files you rip right clicked on the first file ( in the stream file ) and played it using power dvd....