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Problems downloading AnyDVD

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Jun 3, 2007
I am having problems downloading AnyDVD. First, I was trying to download the newest version and got the following message:
Installer verification failed.
This could be the result of an incomplete download, a failing disk, or (possibly) corruption from a virus.
You can try to force an install using the /NCRC command line switch (but it is NOT recommended)

I read some of the posts about others having problems, so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. But am still getting the same message. Can anyone help? Please keep in mind that I am not that computer savvy... Thank you!
You may want to read through this thread (that person fixed his or her issue by uninstalling Mcafee site advisor)

What security (antivirus/firewall) software do you have installed?

Also visit here
Hi :)
Have you tried uninstalling AnyDVD (in safemode). Then reinstalling.
If the download is affected, redownload.
For AnyDVD file go here:
I have Nortons, use Netscape dial-up with accelerator, have Windows firewall. I read the articles you sent and am in the process of turning everything off and trying again. Thanks and will let you know what happens...
with accelerator

If I had to guess, I would pick what I quoted as the issue.

But you might want to try another server source for the download (try Zebadee's link).

Also, Windows firewall is pretty useless. Try Zonealarm
Some people don't like it, but it's better than Windows firewall (which doesn't block outgoing nasty stuff apparently). Anyway, it's free.
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Well, nothing has helped. AnyDVD has already been uninstalled, and now I cannot reinstall it. I tried the other link and still cannot download it. I tried the solutions for the NSIS error, but no luck there either. I can however download from other sources, for example, AVG anti virus software, so the problem seems to be isolated to AnyDVD only. Unfortunately, I need to get ready for a funeral. I will be away for a few hours, but if you have any more suggestions, please post them for me. Thank you again for all the help, it is greatly appreciated.
Well, the thing is if you have a partial file already downloaded on your system, and it's corrupt, you may not be able to resolve your issue until you delete that corrupt download off your system (and from your recycle bin).

I'm not sure what else to advise you. Zebadee might have some other suggestions.
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Another quick note...I just did a search for any remaining files for AnyDVD on my computer that might be left after the uninstall. Here is what I found in C:Windows\Prefetch

Should I delete these files and try again? (Would they be causing some of the problem?)
Hi :)
Prefetch is just a way in which windows remembers commonly used programs, storing them for easier loading etc.
Try AdvancedWindowsCarePersonal:
This will remove any duplicate/obsolete files. Plus repair many files/links if necessary. Plus even more. It's free! ;)
Finally got AnyDVD downloaded! :D Thank you Zebadee and Webslinger for all your help... I downloaded advancedwindowscarepersonal software and ran it. I had over 32000+ security defense items alone that needed attention! So much for all the other programs that I had been using to keep my computer "in shape". After that, I had no problems with the download. Now I am downloading the zonealarm firewall software that was also recommended. I have also switched from Nortons to AVG. Once again, thank you for all the help and information, you're the best!