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    I keep getting the message" " while trying to open virtual clonedrive. Ok, I have installed virtual clonedrive, after which I went to the VCD prefs, selecting to use 1 drive and clicking on the "Virtual Sheep" and "Automount last Image" boxes.
    The file I am trying to use is FM 2008, an MDF file. The thing his, having extracted this file using winrar, I hav this MDF file yet when I right click on virtual clone drive and select mount, this file doesnt appear on the list. Also, when right clicking on the file and selecting- open with- mount with virtual clonedrive- nothing happens. help would be much appreciated :)
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    oh yea, the message is "Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows". that appears on trying to open VCD