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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by dmrichar, Jan 6, 2008.

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    I also experienced a problem with the movie War. But, it is different than the earlier post. Everything rips ok and I can play the movie on the computer and it has sound. The problem is that once I burn it to a disc (Verbatim, burned at 1x on a Sony writer) and try to play it, there is picture but no sound. I have a Denon 2807 receiver and Toshiba A20 HD-DVD player. The Denon is picking up the soundtrack as DTS Neo 6: Music and there is only a low hum. This is similar to when Apacalypto came out on DVD.

    I did not have a problem with Shoot'em Up. But, my AnyDVD was already set to Deep Scan.

    Also, on a side note, buy good media like Verbatim and burn it slow for the fewest problems. Just because your burner will burn at 16x does not mean you should. Same with burning music. Slower burns have less jitter.
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    Then the issue isn't Clonedvd. By the way, Anydvd can't affect sound at all.

    Don't. Burning too slowly is just as bad as burning too fast. Do not burn below 4x on 16x rated media. You'd be better advised to burn at 8x or 12x.

    Also, the problem you're having is likely related to a hardware setting in either your standalone dvd player (with respect to audio) or your amplifier.