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  1. bassrocks

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    I've added the log file for you to take a look at. Thank you.

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  4. bassrocks

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    Hunger Games:Mockingjay part 1

    It gets to 2% and then this pops up:

    FileI0 3VTS_14_1.VOB 16613376 270336
  5. Recycle

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    This sounds like a bad copy you have-did you go back and exchange it for another and do the same process again?
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    There is new protection on this movie waiting for James for a fix
  7. steve mc

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    New Protection on Mockingjay part 1

    Is there a fix for this protection yet or a time frame when it will be? Thanks.
    You guys are awesome :bowdown:
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    No and no.

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    Perhaps he was just noting that the other thread was there and that there was information in it?
    Had you bothered to read that other thread too - you'd have known it was a new scheme and not a defective disk.
    Either way - there's another logfile on the pile now - and that's what helps the most.

  10. bassrocks

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    Hunger Games

    Thank you Clams. The reason I posted was because I didn't see one that was! all the ones I saw were! so therefore I posted, as Clams had stated more info and with a new logfile.
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    :rock:worked for me with, just had to pick right file number (20)
  12. diddy35

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    hunger games mockingbird

    would like to know when the problem will be fixed with hunger games doesn't even show the movie only subtitles 11 sec worth plz help ty
  13. Ch3vr0n

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    No logfile means we can't help you. 'Doesn't even show the movie ...' Anydvd doesn't show anything at all. It only decrypts/rips it does not allow editing of the available streams. So what are you trying to do? What are you using? Read the sticky called 'please read this before you post', without the logfile we can't help you.

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  14. diddy35

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    huner games

    got hunger games to burn with the beta but will not play plz help ty
  15. mmdavis

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    Multiple posts in different threads about the same issue and no information doesn't help anyone, including you.