Problem with subtitles downloading in Japanese Netflix

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Igogor64, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. Igogor64

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    Today I've downloaded and tried a trial version of your program and it works great for downloading videos for both Japanese Amazon and Japanese Netflix. However, subtitles in Netflix could not be downloaded for any movie, although I checked the "subtitles" box.
    Please correct this problem.

  2. lifegpc

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    Please attach a log file. You can create it in menu.
    PS. Japanese subtitle is always internal subtitles, you can play it with MPC-HC or other players.
    If you can not see it, it may have a fetch Timeout error.
  3. Igogor64

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    Thank you for the reply. Actually Japanese subtitles in Netflix are EXTERNAL subtitles (cc: closed captions) and could be downloaded in Chrome using special add-ons in srt format.
  4. lifegpc

    lifegpc Well-Known Member

    Yea. But it seems anystream only fetch png type.
  5. Igogor64

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    Until now, I downloaded videos from Netflix using a program "TunePat Netflix Video Downloader", but this program can only download subtitles as a so-called "hardsub" (png-like bitmap). Therefore, I used this program only for downloading videos, and downloaded the subtitles separately in Chrome.
    But using two different programs - one for video itself and one for subtitles - takes a long time, and I was looking for a program that can do both. And I thought it is possible in your program ...
  6. albino

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    In File -> Settings -> Download -> Subtitles try changing "store subtitles as" to SRT if you haven't done that already.
  7. testiles

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    Yeah that may be the problem.

    Good catch albino!

    @Igogor64 you clicked Japanese Subtitles in the "Download configuration" for the title, but maybe haven't told AnyStream in Settings that you want separate Subtitle files.

    So it's embedding them.

    If embedding them, you have to turn the Subtitles on in your player.

    When you go to the Subtitle setting of AnyStream, the options are Embedded, SRT, and TTML.

    SRT and TTML will generate separate Subtitle files.

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  8. getol

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    even if you select srt or ttml. anystream will grab the png type subs and embed them.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    No it won't. the SRT and ttml options specifically create additional files (which can be viewed with notepad for example) that contain JUST the subtitle track.

    Eg: You download a movie called "Getols Extravaganza" with english subtitles. With the srt option set you would get

    Getols extravaganza.mp4
    Getols <== that's your seperate subtitle track and NOT embedded into the video

    The embedded option, embeds the subtitle track as a SEPERATE track, but inside the mp4 container, but NOT hardcoded into the video itself.
  10. testiles

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    ... and that's why you have to turn embedded on in the Player if you want to see them.

  11. getol

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    @Ch3vr0n . we are talking about japan netflix. i used a vpn to japan netflix and can verify that if i choose srt and not embedded. as in the case of the original poster. i get a mp4 file with video track, audio track, and a png type japanese subs (vobsub) embedded in the mp4 file. where if i download a video that has english subtitles. it will give me an external srt file.

    ie in netflix. i downloaded rakuen episode 1. only available subtitle was japanese. and it was embedded in the mp4.

    i have attached mediainfo

    Attached Files:

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  12. Igogor64

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    I tried both options - save as srt and save as ttml - but unfortunately neither of them worked. One question: does the program save subtitles in the same folder as for the video files (I changed the default folder for downloading the video)?
  13. lifegpc

    lifegpc Well-Known Member

    Because anystream just download png type and convert it to dvd_subtitle.
    That settings just effect to ttml type.
  14. lifegpc

    lifegpc Well-Known Member

    Chinese is same as Japanese, so I use subtitles downloader script on chrome to download subtitles.
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  15. Igogor64

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    Thank you for the answer.

    As I wrote in one of the posts at the beginning, now I am doing the same thing (see screenshot below). But I would like to be able to download both video and subtitles by one program.

  16. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    "Neither of them worked" means no Subtitle file was created? Even though you also checked the Subtitle box in the title's Download configuration?

    If so, then, yeah, that's odd.

    Try again, but this time create a logfile and attach it.

    Maybe the developers can look at it and determine what's wrong.

    Yes, it should go wherever the .mp4 title goes.

    I changed my configuration to create a folder for each downloaded title, so AnyStream puts both the .mp4 and the .srt files in that title's folder.

  17. lifegpc

    lifegpc Well-Known Member

    That's because anystream get png type for Japanese/Chinese, you can not convert it to text based subtitles file.
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  18. lifegpc

    lifegpc Well-Known Member

    So developer need get other type format such as ttml or webvtt.
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  19. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Yeah, if that's the case, that's something the developers would have to look into.

    Once they have the logfile, they'll be better able to check it out.

  20. Igogor64

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    Yes, no subtitle file was created (please forgive me for my terrible english).