Problem with subtites after creating mkvs

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Wizard34, Jun 17, 2019.

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    Hi i got a problem with the latest clonebd I am using clonebd to create mkvs from my blu rays. The problem is for example using batman tv seies. It has subtites from the start i tested with powerdvd. In cloned i select to convert the subtites to dvd format since my media player can't play blu ray subs.

    After creating the mkvs there not showing up during the video using either powerdvd, vlc media player or smplayer. Mediainfo is listing the subs as vobsubs for dvd format subs but no subs are showing when playing the video and selecting english sub. I never had this problem before i don't remember the last version for clonebd that worked. Im attaching the log in case you guys need it.

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    Does anyone know what the problem is? I don't know if my post been missed or there don't know whats going on.
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    We're going to fix this, sorry.
    DVD subtitles do seem to be broken, they are rarely used, so it didn't come to our attention sooner.
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    Thanks for letting me know i am looking forward to the new update with them fixed.