Problem with RipIt4Me/DVD Decrypter ... This One's Hard to Figure!

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Writerguy, Jan 9, 2008.

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    I sincerely hope I'm not out of line by posing this query here. If so, I have no doubt someone will be sure to tell me so.

    While I'm not a computer newbie, my technical skills are definitely limited. So okay, here's the deal. With my old computer system, I was able to use RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and then Nero to back up my DVD collection. All went well until the system bought the farm and called it quits.

    So, I went out and purchased a new system that is twice as powerful as the old one. (Still running XP, with Intel Core 2 Duo chip, 500 GB HD, 2 GB RAM). It's amazingly fast compared to the old one. However, when I fire up RipIt4 Me, the program sometimes hangs. Even when it works, the new system is moving perceptibly slower and the system sounds are corrupted. (Note: this last aspect is not permanent. It's just while RipIt4Me (or it might be DVD Decrypter ... I haven't determined which one causes the distorted sounds for sure ... is running).

    And DVD Decrypter ... under the old system, the average read rate was between 3.0 and 5.0. Now, even though the computer is substantially faster, the read rate is locked in at 1.9 ... no more, no less. And sometimes the program hangs and all I can do is reboot.

    When I'm lucky enough to make it to DVD Shrink, that program seems to work more-or-less as before. Which leads me to Nero.

    I've discovered that it's taking 3 times as long to complete the burning of a disc UNLESS DVD Decrypter is shut down. Once I do that, Nero gets the job done in 5 minutes, give or take. When I don't, it's closer to 12.

    What, pray tell, might I do to get this back on an even keel? Again, I'm not especially gifted when it comes to tech talk, so please help me out and keep whatever advice you might have on the simple side of things.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this and for your wisdom.

    -- WriterGuy --
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    I've always wondered about people that replied to their own posts. Well, now I'm one of them...

    The culprit, or so it seems, is DVD Decrypter. The above noted problems ... system slowing down, occasional hanging, Nero running slowly, etc., all seem to vanish once I've shut down Decrypter. Thing is, I've used Decrypter for quite some time without any difficulty, so this baffles me. (A lot does, actually).

    So, what can I do about getting that program back up to speed? I'm convinced that it really is the source of the difficulties. Is there another free app you might recommend that will do the same job without the same problems? Should I just resign myself to taking a lot longer to transfer and burn discs? Or should I just get my old typewriter out of the attic and go back to a much simpler time? :disagree:

    Thanks again for any suggestions you may have to offer!

    -- WriterGuy --
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    Ripit4me is an old outdated program, so is DVDD. You need a third party decrypter like AnyDVD that is updated to make those programs work. I recommend the apps that we sell here.:clap:
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    I second that!
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    check you private messages in 'User CP' link under SlySoft Forum banner at top of page.

    dvdfabhddecrypter is free and updated regularly.
    it rips commercially available dvd movies to the hard disk and removes all protections.then you can use you favourite dvd applications on the resulting files (eg dvd shrink).

    it doesn't do what anydvd does in the way of decrypting dvd's 'on the fly' so that you can open discs in other dvd applications without ripping to the hard disk first.
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    Thanks One and All!

    Thank you for the feedback, gentlemen. It's gratifying to know that there are folks out there with both knowledge and understanding along with a willingness to assist. At this point, I'm exploring a few options and will hopefully be back in action by the time you read this.

    However, be warned. You more-than-likely haven't seen the last of me. I recently purchased the software to make it possible to create files of old videotapes, with the intention of transferring them onto DVD. Being slightly techno-phobic, I'm anticipating a few thousand problems, or at least questions.

    I'm not quite ready to tackle that just yet, so it's a little ways down the road. For now, I'll step back with an appreciation for the comments everyone that participated in this discussion has made. ;)

    -- WriterGuy --
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    Writerguy-If you install dvdfab decrypter use the reset dma function and see if the helps with your problem.
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    Once again, I find myself happy and grateful for the sage advice I'm receiving here. Big Moviefreak, your recommendation was even better than I suspect you realized. I gave DVDFab Decrypter a test run and it did the job very, very well. So, thanks for that.

    But even more interestingly ... I hit the "Reset DMA" button as you suggested. Now, that was something that I'd tried to do numerous times with Nero. (Whenever I loaded that app, a box would come up encouraging me to do as much). I would, then I'd restart the system as it insisted and ... I'd get that same box telling me to fix the DMA settings. In other words, it never took via Nero.

    Now, through DVDFab, it clearly has. The free version of that program runs well in its limited capacity. And DVD Decrypter is now working back up to its previous rate and beyond. So, it would seem the DMA settings were the source of the slow/hanging problems. Why it wasn't cleared up when I tried to reset it with Nero is a question I won't bother pursuing.

    Me, I'm just one very pleased guy right now.

    Again, my thanks to everyone!

    -- WriterGuy --