Problem with "Mr & Mrs Smith"

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  1. Hi Leute
    Vielleicht ein alter Hut für Euch aber ich probiere grade eine Sicherheitskopie des obengenannten Film in der Special Edition zu machen und bekomme die BD nicht zum laufen. Sogar in meinem Standalone hatte ich keine Chance. Hatte mir mittlerweile sogar eine zweite BD organisiert mit dem gleichen Problem.

    Ich kann kein Log posten, da ich gar nicht erst an die Disc herankomme bzw. diese vom LW erkannt wird.

    Any Hints für mich?

  2. D300

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    na denn anderes LW Testen !!!!!
  3. Hab ich natürlich gemacht... ist ja das naheliegenste... ohne Erfolg, wie man an meinem Posting sieht.
  4. D300

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    wenn beide schon im Stand Alone BD Player nicht laufen ist das schon extremes Pech...

    denn Beide müssen Defekt sein !!!!
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  5. Ich denke eher, dass hier ein spezieller Kopierschutz am Werk ist und hatte mir diesbezüglich Hilfe erhofft. Da der Film schon etwas älter ist sollte ein Workaround doch eigentlich vorliegen - oder?

    Thx Anyway

  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Without a logfile, we cannot help you. However the chance of it being a copy protection problem is slim to none, considering this is such an old title. The disc is most likely dirty and/or defective or your drive is. If windows cannot see the disc with anydvd disable and it sees other titles just fine, then you have a dirty/defective disc plain and simple
  7. @Ch3vr0n

    I think you missunderstand me. In fact i have two disc of the same title. Both are in excellent condition. They did NOT play on different PC-BluRay-Drives and not on my Standalone-Player (Sony). It is no Firmware Issue due to the circumstance that I can play among many other titles the new Pirates of the Caribbean-Movie without any problem. I never had such a problem before on both PC and Standalone. That's why i was thinking about a copy protection. AnyDVD does see the Disc but stop working after 10-25 Seconds without the possibility to create a logfile. By disabling the AnyDVD-Software it works exactly the same.

    Hope I make myself clear as english is not my first language.

    Nobody has before tryed to rip the Disc? Any other ideas?

    Thx in Advance
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    Oh i understood you you just fine.

    That's the very definition of DEFECTIVE discs. Just because they LOOK fine on the surface doesn't mean they can't have microscopic defects. Considering you can play other titles just fine, and they still won't "behave" with anydvd DISABLED is even more evidence that the titles are defective. And your english is just fine too :)
  9. Ok, you got a point... but in my point of view it is strange and an incredible coincidence, that both discs fail. Even more, when you take in consideration that they have been bought from different sources.

    bedankt voor de bloemen ;-)