Problem with Media (wont burn)

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  1. Double Ahrr

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    I have a toshiba Internal Dvd Burner sd-r5272. I've been burning with no problems (over 100 Dvd's) until I switched media (could'nt find in stores anymore). I was using this:

    I switched to Hp dvd+r 16x 4.7gb. When it go to burn it would say that it didn't recognize the dvd (hp).I then realized that my burner is a 8x. So I went and bought a pack of TDK Dvd+R 8x 4.7gb. With the TDK, it would act like its burning and then prompt with a error.

    I dont know what to do. Do I keep buying media hoping that one works? :confused:

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    Hi :)
    Welcome onboard Double Ahrr. :agree: :clap:
    You need to get some Verbatim or Ty media.
    HP & TDK use various manufacturers for their discs.
    Use something like CD/DVDSpeed to tell you what f/w you have, then check that f/w to see what media is supported.
    As you've already bought some media you could check to see if there's a f/w update. That may help with the current media.
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    Thanks again. I'm going to check them out. Any good deals on these dvds anywhere (store or internet)?
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    Hi :)
    Two words.
    Location, location.
    It helps. :D
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    Newegg always has Verbatim at a reasonable price. Very trustworthy and reliable source for all of your PC needs.
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    They had Philips there.

    Liked the easy search interface of there site.

    I also have a Toshiba Internal Dvd Burner. It is one model up I imagine. The SD-R5372 model.
    I like the burner. No problems to really report. Except it will not do a "Quality Scan" in Nero's CD-DVD Speed program (4.51.1).

    My firmware is up to date.

    This is a scan of the media before burning to it to examine it. (Right guys?)
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    Still, I would switch to a quality media (Verbatim or TY)