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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by infundibulum, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. infundibulum

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    When I use CloneDVD mobile (at home) to create an mp4 for iTunes the audio is fine, but the video is always basically a green screen with lines. When I import it into iTunes an actual frame from the video is shown as an index (as it should), but the video is still garbage. It appears to work correctly on my work laptop, so I'm guessing my home PC is missing something vital (though it will play videos purchased from iTunes). Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Best possible fix; return your Ipoop for a Zune or Archos.
  3. infundibulum

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    Thanks, but I had an AV700...

    ...and it was a piece of garbage! :agree:
  4. clcman

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    ConeDVD mobile - mp4


    I had the same issue and it was the way my file structure was created on my DVD. All DVD's I can convert with no problems to an mp4. What were you trying to copy?
  5. infundibulum

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    Any DVD...

    Thanks! I have the problem with any DVD (copy-protected or not). After speaking today with someone who knows a lot more than me, I think that it may be a video driver or codec issue (since it works fine on my work laptop).
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    nVidia drivers

    :clap: I solved the problem (apparently) by installing the latest nVidia drivers. Thanks! :clap: