Problem with Expendables 3

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    Are you really 100% for sure about this???

    Some quotes from "Peer" when we went through all of this with "Draft Day":

    After me and everybody else read this, we figured out that SlySoft was hard coding the good playlists according to the disc detected. If the algorithm is used, and is supposed to work once the JAVA code is correctly hacked, then why does "Divergent" still show one-million-and-one "correct" playlists?????????

    I'm with Jim6592 on this one. My money is still on "hard coding."

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    I think Peer was just explaining how difficult it would be to mimic players like PowerDVD without user interaction (a lot of users were asking why AnyDVD couldn't just be like PowerDVD)

    AnyDVD definitely has listed good playlists in the past without playlist info from the OPD. Getting playlist info from the OPD was added later when AnyDVD struggled to narrow it down on some discs.

    Most likely the AnyDVD algorithm has been updated/improved recently and can now handle more discs without help from the OPD.

    Not sure about "Divergent" but I've never seen AnyDVD list many more than 25 or so good playlists, which when you think that most discs have 150+ fake playlists, then AnyDVD must be attempting something to narrow it down 80%.

    Obviously in these cases the algorithm is not effective enough, so Slysoft would most likely add the information to the OPD, while they continue to improve/tweak the algorithm.
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    If you think its hard coded block anydvdhd from the net. Then youll get your answer to this online data base idea. Ponder this...

    To log or not to log?. That is the
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    Playlist roulette = Algorithm guessing + hard coded override (OPD)

    I think SlySoft could help the forum out by stating something like this in a sticky:

    "Blu-ray playlist info is derived from AnyDVD's advanced playlist detection algorithm; and in cases where playlist scrambling is involved, AnyDVD queries the online playlist database (OPD) for known good ones. All users experiencing playlist problems should submit a log file of the original disc along with a brief description of the problem."

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    When I was talking about hard coding, I was implying that The software goes to the internet and selects from a hardcoded list! The reply's above would infer that an algorithm tries to find a playlist before it goes to a internet hardcode list.
    I have used another program that only goes to the internet for the playlist. They (the others) don't seem to have anyone actually working, because they rarely post or reply on their own forum. That is why I took a chance switched software. I also purchase another vendors software before I came here. I am willing to pay to get the best, and from what I have seen AnyDVD HD is the best. At least they have developers who are working on the product. For the most part this software has been useable for my needs. I hope they don't make it so idiot proof that it loses it's flexability.
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    I think AnyDVD might be:

    #1 Querying the OPD first,

    #2 and if it finds nothing listed (no hard coded override), then it uses its algorithm to "guess."

  7. Pete

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    Most Screenpass discs are handled by AnyDVD autonomously.
    Only a few through the OPD, either because AnyDVD would get something wrong or just to speed up processing.
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    I'm having an issue with Expendables 3. It is from a new 3-pack, one with all 3 movies. When I rip it I get a blurb about it not working with copying software. Also I can not find any MLPS that is 2:11, which I know from watching the movie on a Blu-ray player is the length of the unrated version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have included the logs and the screenshot. Thank you in advance for your assistance. :)

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    That disc is supposedly handled just fine. From the status info "Java BD protection good playlists: 82"
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    Using a program BDInfo and looking in HandBrake Ver:1.2.2 (2019022300), I can not find anything at 2:11. I have tried ripping 3 of the MLPS and they all get the screenshot message. :(
    If the disc is wrong, what is the right MLPS? VLC does not help you with Blu-ray discs and tell you the title that you are playing, and HandBrake lists so many at 2:05, but I do not know which one can be copied. I own the disc, I'm just trying to make a copy for my media server. So frustrating.
  11. Ch3vr0n

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  12. James

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    I suggest you try CloneBD. I believe it will just work.
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    Next time I get $110 US, I'll have to look into it. ;)
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    CloneBD is free to use to create MP4 or MKV if you don't need to compress/convert video. You can even create ISO with just the correct video tracks on it with the free version. See the comparison between free and pro versions shown at the bottom of the description: