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  1. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    You have now hard coded a playlist into AnyDVD HD for this disk that does work for all users. If you look at the John Wick posts you will see there are different correct playlists for different versions of the disks. Canada had a different number than Netflix, and the US Retail disk had another. I have a two disk Retail set that has an extended playlist. You have playlist 820 hard coded. It is incorrect for my set. 820 has a repeating chapter at about 3/4 of the way through the movie. I have confirmed that playlist 10 on my set is the extended version. I have not verified the standard version. Your software used to show all playlists in CloneBD, but now it will only show the one you have hard coded into AnyDVD HD. You should just list the suggested playlists in AnyDVD HD then allow the user select it in CloneBD if they want to. This would solve this problem. You still get a hardcode pick but you are not married to it.
  2. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    I have confirmed that playlist 7 is the standard version on my disk set. I hope you will fix the suggested playlist so I can get a copy of main movie.
  3. Adbear

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    They will need a logfile if you want any help
  4. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    Why would they need a log file???? The wrong playlist is being called. They have only one in the list. There two versions of the film. There is not a failure to copy! Just the wrong playlist!!
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    Why they need it, how about it gives the devs the info they need to update anydvd or the OPD so that anydvd will select the proper playlist for your version.

    It's up to you. No logfile and wrong playlist or you provide a logfile and anydvd gets updated to pick the correct playlist. Take your pick.

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  6. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    All a log file will tell them is that it picked 820. It won't tell the why 10 or 7 are not listed. If it had failed to produce a movie, I could see where a log file would help. The older versions of this software would allow a person to pick whatever file they wanted. Now they have it hard coded so that people would stop complaining about to many choices. Lionsgate is clearly mixing up the files on every version of disk sets out there to try to defeat copy software. This software should suggest the right playlists, not hard code them!!!!! That way people could still get a good copy. They did not put in 3 playlists for John Wick even though there were three known versions confirmed (589 US Retail, 641 US Rental and 772 Canada). There are clearly more for Expendables as well!!!
  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Listen, you want it fixed or not? It's up to you. You either provide the log and get it fixed or you don't provide or and don't get it fixed. And they don't hard code anything, it's all handled through the online protection database.

    No logfile no fix, it's up to you.

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  8. RedFox 1

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    Please post a logfile or send your log file to Thank you.
  9. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    It is hard coded!!!!!!! CloneBD will only show the file picked from the online database by AnyDVD HD. If it was not hard coded, CloneBD would show all files on the disk/ISO file!!!!!
  10. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    What will a log file tell you that I have not? There has not been a failure of software. A log will only tell you that AnyDVD HD and CloneBD used playlist 820 to produce a functional movie. A functional movie that has a repeated scene is a chapter. It does not repeat the chapter only a scene in the chapter!! No log is going to show that!!!!
  11. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    For the last time, provide the log to give anydvd the disc info it needs to fix it, or don't provide it and don't get it fixed. It's up to you. It's NOT hard coded into, the info is in the opd! The log contains specific files from the disc for your specific version. Among others the available playlists and the java code used on the disc that tells the players which ones are available and which is which. And they can't update the opd with the other playlist if you continue to refuse to provide what they need.

    Now you have a choice to make for the last time.

    Provide the log, or don't and go away. They can't fix it if u don't give them what they need to fix it. Your call, make it.

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  12. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    The log file is attached, I think. If you only add playlist 756, it will not fix the issue I have, because it is not on my disk. Playlist 10 is the extended version on my disk. I expect a detailed explanation of how this helped you get to the correct playlist #10.

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  13. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    The log file is attached, I think. If you only add playlist 756, it will not fix the issue I have, because it is not on my disk. Playlist 10 it the extended version on my disk.
  14. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Your disc does have 756 and it seems to match the layout confirmed by others for the unrated/extended cut on the US retail disc.
    Playlist 10 does not match the known runtime or layout of the US retail disc unrated cut (2:11:31) so i don't think that is correct.
    Slysoft should be able to update the OPD now to list both playlists :)
  15. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    Yes, 756 is on the disk, but it is wrong, the correct runtime is 2:11:13 (#10). The 2:11:31 runtime has a repeated scene. I have watched both all the way through. I am telling it is correct. The correct runtime for standard version is 2:6:27 (#7), #820 is too long, it has a repeated scene as well. Why don't you people believe me????? I spent hours watching these versions to arrive at these numbers!!!!
  16. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Multiple BD review websites confirm the US unrated runtime as 2:11:31. Users across different forums confirmed the US unrated playlist as 756 (which just happens to match the runtime).
    Only you have said different, even though from what I can see your disc has the exact playlist/stream layout.

    You said the same thing about a different disc a few days ago (playlist was not correct) then later confirmed it was correct.

    What m2ts file is the repeated scene in 756/820?
    820 has the same runtime as 7, so it's not any longer.

    Once Slysoft update this disc with your playlists, then they will show for everyone else, so it needs to be correct.
    Anybody else happen to have this disc (US Retail) to compare/confirm?
  17. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    BTW: the playlist shown by AnyDVD does not come from the OPD, it is purely revealed by AnyDVD's algorithm.

    If 820 actually IS wrong, we can override it using the OPD.

    Important note: without a log file, we can never ever do anything about it! Never! (And if it's just so we can identify which one of those discs it is that share the same title, but in this case a lot more information is important).
    It's not enough to know the correct playlist - that will serve only those who want to access playlists directly.
    With the help of the log file, they can fix the disc, so it works in "full disc mode" and plays in a licensed Blu-ray player.

    And since this is a - surprisingly - popular movie, two things need to be said:

    1. it's been out a while and so far nobody complained about 820 being incorrect, which is a bit suspicious
    2. you REALLY need to be 100% sure about what playlist is correct for us to update the OPD, because we can't simply mess up the results for thousands of users

    According to your log file, 756 and 820 are the most plausible candidates, but sure, anything is possible.
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  18. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    Just add 756, I won't ever use 820. I will take my chances with 756, just a single main movie copy for me anyway.
  19. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Playlist missing

    Slightly off topic, but thought I would post here as it could be the same small issue/bug :)

    I decided to revisit/test a couple of old Screen Pass titles today and I had a similar issue to the OP on a Screen Pass disc with two cuts (Theatrical/Extended).
    When using it does not list the extended cut playlist, only the theatrical cut playlists.
    If I roll back to then the extended cut playlist is listed.

    Here are the logs.
    View attachment AnyDVD_7.5.7.0_Info_D_NOW_YOU_SEE_ME.ziplog
    View attachment AnyDVD_7.5.8.0_Info_D_NOW_YOU_SEE_ME.ziplog

    I can confirm 838 is the extended cut. 705/763 are the same and both correct for the Theatrical cut. One of those could be removed if you wanted (763 is the one selected by licensed players)
  20. Jim6592

    Jim6592 Well-Known Member

    I have gone through 820 again, now I can't find the repeated scene. It was in chapter 12 right when Jet Li gets on the plane with Arnold and Harrison Ford. It was repeating right after Stallone has the conversation with Banderas in the forest. I had spent long hours in front of this computer going through all versions of the playlists. Maybe I was too tired at the time and made a mistake about which version I was watching.