Problem with Crysis

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by tcpille, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. tcpille

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    i installed the game and then i maked a new image with game jackal. the game runs without any problems. i played it for 7-8 times, then it comes the message "crysis has a problem with a emulationsoftware" so i have to shut it down.

    Any solutions??
  2. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    Does this occur every time you start the game, or only on the odd occasion?
  3. tcpille

    tcpille Member

    thank u for response....

    the game runs well, when i started the game over game jackal directly, not over the desktop shortcut.
  4. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    I'm not too sure I understand... Does the error occur every time?
  5. Mr.HillBilly

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    Unless you have converted or replaced the desktop shortcut you will need to start Crysis from inside GameJackal. I should have my MB on Tues. so I can give it a try. I have Crysis sitting hear laughing at the only computer I have that is running. :) So I can not try it until I get the new MB.
  6. tcpille

    tcpille Member

    i am sorry....but the last times, it runs well......also when i start it over the shortcut....

    not shure about the problem.
  7. TCBW

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    Problems with Crysis

    I have just installed Crysis and it will not start if Game Jakal is running. This has resulted in me not being able to create a profile.

    I do have Hidejack in my plugins directory.

    I see an icon that seems to indicate securom protection although I am not certain of this.

    I am playing Crysis Special Edition.
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  8. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    What version of GJ are you running?
  9. TCBW

    TCBW Member

    I have found that this has stopped happening. After I rebooted my machine Crysis no longer detects GJ. I originally tried to create the profile immediately after installing the game.

    I have been able to create a profile but found that GJ does not detect when the game ends when you first create the profile.

    When I checked the process list I found that GameSpy Comrade was still running. After I 'end task'ed it GJ then created a profile of 114 items. The profile works perfectly. I did this by right clicking on the desktop icon and selecting Convert to GJ profile. When using the profile GJ detects when the game ends.

    I have not played the game much yet but I have yet to be asked for the disk again.

    The version of GJ I'm running is v2.9.18.590