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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by hofver, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. hofver

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    I have just upgrade CloneDVD mobile to from and have found a problem:

    When I try to back up a DVD (Seindfeld season 1 first episode) (AppleTV preset) I only got a 28MByte file (.mp4) and when I play it it only contains the sound track (no video what so ever). But if I unistall and reinstall I got a perfect approx 400MByte file (.mp4).

    What have I done wrong?


    PC dual core Windows XP 2GByte
  2. Scarpad

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    Well maybe nothing. I tried to edit the device.ini to use the Ipod Touch profile but make it use 640x480, because for some reason the Ipod Hi Res profile still does not use H264. The results was the same as you No video only Audio.

    The Ipod Touch profole worksgreat thou at it's default setting.
  3. jaraco

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    I'm experiencing the same issue with the XBox360 profile (no video in the stream) with 2-pass encoding.
  4. beren

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    Same problem for me.

    I was converting one of my dvds to AppleTV format. Process appeared to be going fine until the file got to 99%. It hung there and didn't proceed any farther. I had to force quit Clone DVD Mobile and then force quit mencoder. Sometimes the file generated was unreadable and sometimes it was way too small and audio only.

    How do I revert to the previous version?:bang:


  5. darkfibre

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    Also having problem with New version.

    I am also having problems since I upgraded to the new version 1.2.0.

    It all looks normal until The process finishes when I find the the file is only a few100k in size.

    I will be logging a call with the service desk.
  6. beren

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    Downloaded the new and the Apple TV profile now produces a viable video file with sound and video. HOWEVER, the files are much smaller and more pixelated than they were prior to the version.

    So, this new fix/beta/workaround produces working files, rapidly and in a small size, but the quality is noticeably worse.


    1.5-2.0 hr movies were producing files on the order of 1.5 GB. My files are now around 500 MB. CloneDVD Mobile still gives me an "estimated file size" of 1+ GB, even the thought the file it produces is less than half that. Pixelization is extreme.

    I sent an email to Slysoft asking about reverting to the older (pre- version.
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