Problem with Clayton Blu-Ray, Creating log file, and question abt new version

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    I recently replaced my motherboard, so I don't know if my problems are caused by that, or the new version(s) of anydvd I have upgraded to, but I have attempted (abt 4 times) to rip Micheal Clayton Blu-Ray disc to hard drive without success. I get the blue screen of death at about 80% progress. While troubleshooting I noticed as the ripping progresses, the file size does not: it is static at 170KB. I have a Pioneer BDC-202. I just successfully flashed the firmware (posted 4/1/08), and the problem still exists. The movie plays from the disc. The motherboard I put in is a MSI nForce4 Standard Chipset. Seems odd that it would be the mobo, but I also got the blue screen of death when I was attempting to shrink the size of Donnie Brasco. I have downloaded about 4 versions of AnyDVD since my last rip. My current version is I have tried using Region A or the new automatic option. Also, I attempted create a log file to post here, but when I do so...the file is not in the destination file where Anydvd said it would be. Any thoughts?

    Bonus question: when I installed the newer versions Of AnyDVD, my firewall (Zonealarm) tells me AnyDVD is attempting to monitor my keystrokes and I get another message that it is accessing the internet. Why is it doing these actions?
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    complete mobo

    I left out details about the mobo: MSI K8N Neo4-F
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    haven't heard the keystrokes bit before, but it connects to the internet to get new keys. it doesn't decrypt new title keys on your machine but contacts the main server if it needs to get a key for a new title not already in it's database. Also try ripping the disc with AnyDVD switched off and see if it still crashes, if it does then it's not Anydvd
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    Yes it is. You might not be displaying known file extensions. It's a .zip file

    And that .zip file would be useful for troubleshooting purposes. It would also be useful if you posted the stop code that's shown in the BSOD.

    BSODs can be attributed to hardware issues and driver conflicts. I would start by opening your case and checking for dust in fans, etc. Then I would get your power supply tested. Then I would run memtest.

    That's normal. Zonealarm is a having a fit about nothing important. Zonealarm does popup some warning messages, but all you need to do is tell Zonealarm that Anydvd is a safe program and to let Anydvd do whatever it wants. It's possible that Zonealarm is complaining about Anydvd's IDvdInfo2::GetDiscID interface hooking.

    Anydvd checks for updates on startup (in addition to what Adbear mentioned)
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    Different Board Same Issues

    Swapped the board for a better board and I still have the same issues. I'm downgrading my AnyDVD version to see if that fixes the issue.