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    I hope this is in the right forum...

    I know there are a lot of informed and educated people on this forum so I thought what better place to post my recent problem. Here it is:

    I burned 5 movies last weekend and all 5 with DVDFAB Plat 4. Every single copy freezes frame anywhere between 50 minutes and 65 minutes and continues off and on through the duration of the movie. I have been backing up movies for a long time and never had this problem. I just downloaded the DVD Fab Plat 4. Used it to burn all 5 movies and after I saw the problem I re burned 4 of the 5 using DVD Shrink and the results were the same. Any idea on what the problem may be? I tried playing the copies on different players in my home and got the same result. Any help or suggestions?

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    Ask on dvdfab forum about issue with theirs programs.

    By the way, your copy can be perfect, but the reader device can also not supported the copy. So, check your copy in your burner.

    But remember to use high quality blank dvd (like verbatim rather than noname), don't use too much your computer when you burn ( I think you already know these facts).
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    What brand of media and what speed are you burning?