Problem with both Pioneer BDR-209DBK and BDR-212DBK drives

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    I am not sure if this is the right place to put this post, if not, please feel free to relocate it.

    I am currently building an HTPC so in anticipation of trying out software, I recently downloaded and installed the trial version of AnyDVDHD on my current PC and afterwards, almost every time I inserted a DVD disc into my Pioneer BDR-209DBK drive, Windows Explorer would show "Not Responding" and it was necessary to reset the computer.

    I was running Windows 7 and as it had recently become EOL, I was already planning a migration over to Windows 10 and I thought that a clean install of Windows 10 (and all software) on a new HDD might eliminate the problem - it didn't.

    My next thought was that the Pioneer BDR-209DBK was faulty and as I had recently bought a new Pioneer BDR-212DBK for the HTPC project, I tried swapping the drives over and actually this made things worse - it now happened every time (as opposed to almost every time with the older Pioneer drive).

    My next move was another clean install of Windows 10, install basic drivers only (without any other software) and try to work out what the cause was. In the end, I discovered the following:

    The computer would lock up every time a disc was inserted whenever AnyDVDHD and OpenShell were both installed.​

    My initial thoughts that it might be a compatibility issue between AnyDVDHD and OpenShell, however there are no reports of OpenShell issues in your forum. I am now more inclined to think that this may be an issue with the Pioneer drives as there are reports of other issues with Pioneer drives in your forum.​

    This is not actually a problem for me as I do not intend to use AnyDVDHD and OpenShell together on the same computer. OpenShell will continue to be used on my current PC (without AnyDVDHD) and AnyDVDHD may be installed on my HTPC (when it is finished) (without OpenShell).

    However, just in case this information is useful to anyone else having problems, I decided to post it here.
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    I have a Pioneer BD-R 2209 16x bluray burner, in fact two of them. They work flawlessly every time I rip a 1080p HD retail movie disc with AnyDVD HD and then transcoding and then burning to Verbatim 25GB BD-R at 16x write speed. Not one problem with the whole process. I would just get barebones system if I were you with the bluray burner your Pioneer and Windows 10 64-bit latest build and enough hard drive space, and a GeForce video card with lots of CUDA cores to speed up transcoding with up to date video card drivers for support when using CloneBD. I've been using AnyDVD since 2006 then AnyDVD HD since 2014 with CloneBD since 2015, with my Pioneer BD-R 2209 with the firmware up to date. And it's never been an issue. Something is definitely conflicting with your copying process. Like computer issues the process of elimination is the best way to find the root of the problem. Good Luck.
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    I don't get it. What is the purpose of these posts?
    Just to let you know: These Pioneer drives are excellent for BD but don't work for UHD.