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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by cv8, Apr 13, 2007.

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    Back in march I installed Any DVD and after trying it for 12 days bought all the products using your cricket cupon, (Thanks Slysoft). I have not updated the version on my home pc with a new version so it still has I read in you key forum that you can use anydvd on 2 pc's as long as you only use one at a time. I have a laptop and installed the 21 day trial on my lap top running Win2k SP4 pro. but did not set it to autostart and did not have a chance to use it until today. I noticed that a new version came out today so I downloaded it and installed it on my laptop. I also noticed my free trial had run out so I decided to register it. I had backed up my keys as recommended on to my usb drive so I clicked on register and moved to my directory with the keys and noticed that it did not show any key files. I entered an * in the dialog and it showed the files so I clicked on the anydvd key file and got the registered ok message box. I was able to start up anydvd without a problem and it stated that I was a registered user. The problem is that now anydvd runs for about 1 minute and then disapears from the systray. I tried to rip a movie and it started to rip the movie and then again disapeared from the systray. Is this a problem with my key or is it due to the new version? (sorry for the long question).
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    I just did BLACK CHRISTMAS with the new version of AnyDVD and the ico is still there no problem, maybe its the key.....someone with better info might help out.
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    Problem with and 2k

    Its a Problem with on a windows 2000 system..Its not your key...

    Its the same problem on two win-2000 systems i have.
    meaning i installed anydvd 6135 on another 2k system.which never had anydvd installed..

    read my post
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    Thanks for the quick response. I did not think the key was bad since it took it and anydvd started ok. It looks like it is with Win2k. I only use this laptop to test programs I write for Win2k compatability, so I know that sometime what works on XP does not always work with Win2k.

    Thanks again
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    Anydvd fixes this issue.