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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by jpmccusa, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. jpmccusa

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    I downloaded this and tried to back up a DVD with Shrink...for the first time, even on auto, it won't compress enough to do a full disc. I tried a system restore, but the scan file remains in Shrink. How do I clear that data so I can retry with
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    Can you not take some of the other languages out to make the movie smaller? I usually do that anyway through shrink. I don't think I'll ever need French, Spanish, or Thai audio, LOL. By the way, if it's a Sony original, Shrink can't handle it anyway.
  3. Webslinger

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    If you just want the main movie, do this:
    Right click on Anydvd on the toolbar, and select "rip-video dvd to harddisk". After you're finished ripping you should be able to import the main movie only into Shrink (Click "reauthor" and then browse to the location of the video_ts folder. Then drag and drop the main movie over to the left).
  4. jpmccusa

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    The problems seems to be here:

    It's an R0 PAL of "Paris, Texas" from many years ago, that I just got around to.

    When I look at the full disc, the main feature is listed at 3711 Meg, but when I go to "reauthor", it says the main title is 6158 Meg...there are no audio tracks other than English, and no subtitles.
  5. jpmccusa

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    I tried the AnyDVD ripper...

    and it had no effect at all...the same problem occurs!
  6. Webslinger

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    That solution only applies to the newer Sony releases.

    Quite often in Shrink when it's reporting the size is too big, you can simply ignore the message, by the way:
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  7. jpmccusa

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    Far out---thanks very much

    That's good to know!
  8. creeper6996

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    Let us know if it works for you, ignoring the message, that is.
  9. jpmccusa

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    I did a feature-only backup

    and that wasn't a problem. I haven't tried the full disc since.
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    ...........REGEDIT AND DELETE the INFO.........Search for the info and it'll tell ya where its at then just DELETE it.. system restore doesn't change your regi unless you've made changes to it your self and then it goes back to the time before it was changed. ya might have to do a couple of searches but its in there and IT CAN and WILL BE DELETED....
  11. oldjoe

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    To remove the scan file for Shrink...My Computer....C: ....Documents and Settings.....All Users.....Application Data....DVDShrink....Delete everything in that folder.
    The next time you open Shrink, you will get a popup for a License Agreement. Tick the "I Accept" box and you're good to go.