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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by rossterman, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. rossterman

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    I'm using Nero Express in conjunction with AnyDVD. Prior to installing AnyDVD, all the movies I was allowed to back up(not protected),would fit fine on a 4.7 blank. Since the install, I get an error telling me to insert a different blank with more free space. These are new Maxell DVD-R discs. I'm quite the rookie at this game so it's probably a user error and not a software problem. Any suggestions?
  2. b1030

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    If you're using Nero, you must use ReCode to compress the file before burning.
    DVDShrink also does this well and it's free.
    Hope this helps,
  3. rossterman

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    Thanks for the info, but what is Recode? Like I said, I'm a rookie.
  4. johnjeep

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    ANYDVD does not shrink your DVD-9 to a DVD-5 type. You can do this by use of an alternative program like CloneDVD. Or if you would like to burn using Nero than you can use DVDShrink, butt sometimes Shrink refuses to compile the DVD to DVD-5 because some issues it has with newer protection systems. I know that AnyDVD has removed the protection system, butt still Shrink will not work. I personally always use CloneDVD with recent movies and everthing runs like a welloiled piece of machinery:)

    Greetz Johnjeep
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  5. sytyguy

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    Recode is part of the package from Nero, but in some instances it is not included with all the free packages.
  6. b1030

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    Nero ReCode is a part of Nero Ultra v6 & v7. Strictly a compression tool.
    Download DVDShrink. You won't be sorry. Will compress your movie just fine. You can also decrypt and compress with DVDShink all by itself. Bad thing about Shrink, it is no longer updqated, so as Sony and other studios try and thwart our back-ups with new tricks and bogus files, Shrink will not work. That's why you must have CloneDVD and AnyDVD.
    Be sure and take the tutorial on Shrink. Takes just a few minutes and you'll be a pro!
    Let me know if you need more info.
  7. Zer0

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    any information about Nero Recode, read it on the Nero website

  8. rossterman

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    Thanks Brad. Sounds like everyone is in agreement on the AnyDVD/CloneDVD setup. I think I'll go that route.
  9. b1030

    b1030 Well-Known Member

    You're very welcome. I buy 300-600 discs monthly and have probably had every problem possible.
    Trust me and download DVDShrink. Free and worth the time.
  10. jcrochford

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    Has Nero, in the past, been copying only the video portion of the DVD or has it been copying the menus and added features, as well? You may already know this, but many DVDs have large amounts of content beyond the movie itself that eat up space on a blank DVD. You may need to cut out some of the extra features on your burned copy. Nero is an excellent burning suite. However, I'm with the others, though. CloneDVD is an excellent one-stop alternative to Nero.
  11. sytyguy

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    DVDShrink will always work providing you have AnyDvd running in the background, or at least I have never had a problem with that running order. Although, I must admit I rarely use Shrink anymore.
  12. Nyle

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    Just to educate a few people. Not to pick one person in particular. I see a lot of DVDShrink lovers here that in the same breath complain about it not being developed anymore. know WHY? Because Nero hired the author of DVDshrink and he's been working on...... You guessed it NERO RECODE. Recode 2 that comes with Nero 7 Ultra is amazing!!! Not only does it support recoding a disc to fit a small DVD-+R with all content or just with movie as you talk about.

    However, I mainly use it to recode my movies to MP4(Nero AVC) to store on my Terabyte movie server so that my HTPC can play the movies from there. That is another beef of mine. Everyone including Slydoft keeps pushing CloneDVD down my throat whenever AnyDVD fails to succesfully talk to Recode or other software. If all I wanted to do was copy the DVD fine but in order to allow me to take just the movie and recode it to an MP4 or DIVX that won't work for me.

    I'll stop there since this thread was mainly about using Nero but I will re-emphasis that Nero Recode is an amzing piece of software that took over where DVDShrink left off and went so much farther. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  13. Nyle

    Nyle New Member

    Nero Recode is the product of the author of DVDShrink. It's amazing and certainly worth investigating. Not only will it simply copy DVDs to smaller discs but let's you recode to MP4(Nero AVC) format.

  14. sytyguy

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    That's why I never, or rarely use Shrink, because I use Recode, however, I just recently had a problem with Recode, trying to burn the movie, "Curse of the Golden Flower", it would NOT carry over the sound to the DVD. Ultimately, I had to use CloneDvd, which did it successfully.

    What version of Recode are you using?


    P.S. The authors sig of DVD Shrink is, Lightning UK, IIRC.
  15. SamuriHL

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    Nope. LUK wrote DVD Decrypter and the newly created IMGBurn.
  16. sytyguy

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    Yes, you are correct, but, like I said, IIRC....can't keep track of all that crap.

    Again, what version of Recode do you have?

    Edit: I assumed you were "Nyle", sorry, that last question was directed at him/her.
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  17. SamuriHL

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    Not a problem. I don't think we ever knew the DVD Shrink author's actual name. Just that he was the guy Ahead(now Nero) hired way back when to write Recode. I personally have been using Recode ( that comes with Nero 7) a lot for compression lately. I ran out of DL discs and haven't been able to find them on sale yet so I've been doing Recode onto SL discs. I gotta say, I've been very happy with the results.
  18. sytyguy

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    I have Nero 7 Essentials, which has Recode (I don't know what version it is, though) on it, I guess I should install it to see.
  19. Clams

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    Recode is very good and works on more Sony titles with AnyDVD than Shrink does. My only complaint with Recode is that it lacks the "force stream" feature found in Shrink.