Problem: Too much Disc inserted with GJ-profile

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by EsCaLaToR, Aug 16, 2007.

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    I Created a Profile of Dirt with GJv2.9.18.570

    When I Try to start the game via Game Jackal, the Programm said: more then one Game CD inserted.

    When I look in the error report, there are 6(!!!) Dirt Discs found !
    I have 6 pysical Drives in my PC. The Disc DVD is NOT inserted, and also not shown by the Windows-Explorer.

    can anybody help me?

    [Protected Product Information]
    CompanyName = CODEMASTERS
    ProductName = DiRT
    BuildSignature =, 18.05.07
    ProductGuid = {E89A5E3376CD759421FAC4B66B33929A}
    BuildGuid = {0dfe0740-bc25-49d2-b3d4-034f1628cd28}

    [Report Information]
    ReportDate = Thursday, August 16, 2007
    ReportTime = 13:35 PM
    ClientTimeZone = Westeuropäische Normalzeit
    ClientTimeBias = -60

    [Disc Labels]

    [System Information]
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    The previous version does not have the profile for DiRT. I'm not sure if the new one has, but can you tell us what settings and profiling mode you are using?

    It also might be a good idea to post info as in this thread:
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    Starforce is currently not supported by GameJackal.
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    yep was going to mention dirt is starforce... and game jackal has not done starforce yet...