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    I have a problem with reading discs on the latest version, but the problem goes away when I roll back to I am running Win 7 on an AMD A10 with an external Buffalo Multi-Blu HD-DVD/Blu-ray/DVD reader writer that is basically an LG GGW drive. (HL-DT-ST BD-REGGW-H20N XJ03). When I updated to it stopped recognizing any discs were loaded. As soon as I rolled back, everything was fine again. I have this drive due to having an extensive collection of HD-DVDs as well as DVDs and BluRays. I use MPC-HC x64 and VLC for playback, and have Virtual CloneDrive loaded but not active. Sorry I don't have a log file, as I rolled back as soon as I ran into trouble. I know the drive is OLD hardware, but I was wondering if anyone else ran into this problem. I'm also looking for what info I'll need to provide if causes the same issues.

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    Older LG drives should work fine. Please try AnyDVD
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    Funnily, I had a similar problem after installing In all of my four BD/DVD-drives (Pioneer, 2x LG, Asus) all of a sudden I had problems recognizing discs. AnyDVD would re-start trying to read the discs over and over again, sometimes claimed to have succeeded, but I couldn't play the disc. After re-installing everything was fine again. Maybe it's not a problem with a specific version, but with the installation? I remember that during the installation, anydvd was in use and so the installation claimed, that the system would have to be rebooted after installation, which I did. Then the problems began.
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    I would recommend doing the new version of ANYDVD uninstalling the old version and then installing a new one
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    I did as you said and seem to work at least for now. Thanks for the advice.