Problem playing copied DVD on new Sony Blu-ray player

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by afjhal, Mar 2, 2020.

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    Hello everyone,,
    Maybe someone else has (or had ) this problem. I very seldom had a problem playing copied DVDs on my old sony player, then bought a sony Blu-Ray player (for the upgraded 1080p quality)and these same DVDs will not play on the new player. I tried the original DVDs these movies were cloned from and they play fine. Anybody got any ideas out there? I still use TDK (-R) discs, so nothing has changed except the player. Really baffles me.
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  2. eviltester

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    You mentioned that they played fine on the older Sony player in the past but now NOT on the newer Sony player.
    Did you test those same burned DVDs on the older player again to eliminate bad discs? Since the originals play fine on both the older & newer Sony players, you can 100% eliminate defective discs for the originals.

    If the previously burned discs play fine on the older Sony then it may be down to the newer player is not liking DVD-R discs. That was an issue in the past where DVD+R discs played great on lots of players but some players refused to handle DVD-R's. It could also be one of Sony's newer copy protection schemes but I am thinking from what I read online today you may need to try resetting your new Sony player IAW your manual.

    If your burned discs don't play fine on the older Sony, then those discs *MAY* be bad & you might have to re-copy them again from the originals.