Problem converting DVD "American gangster" to vob passthrough

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Kusi, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Kusi

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    After converting the DVD "American gangster" to a single vob file there are problems playing this file in all players I tried (MS MediaPlayer, PowerDVD, DVBViewer ...). The problem is that after a certain time (some minutes) the movie suddenly freezes and after a few seconds jumps some minutes forward (so I miss some parts of the movie). As well the language is sometimes just english even I wanted the german track to be converted ... Sometimes in another section of the movie the audio is out of synch.

    I used the most actual versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVDmobile.

    Any idea what might be wrong?
  2. Webslinger

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    Try ripping first with Anydvd ripper. Then use Clonedvd mobile on that rip. Other than that I'm out of suggestions.