Problem buying HD upgrade key

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Grambo3208, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Grambo3208

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    Anyone from Slysoft know how to get around this...?

    When I go to upgrade my AnyDVD key to HD, the form wants me to input my original serial number (order number) and email address. My problem is that original email is no longer valid. If I input it and continue on, my new key will be sent into cyberspace as that email no longer exists. I cannot use my new email, as it errors out and tells me the original key serial and the new email do not match. HELP!!!
  2. awol

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    Hmmm. Came here for this exact reason. Old email address and code let me continue to input Credit Card, but don't want to purchase as key will be sent to a non existent email. Need an option somewhere to enter address to send key to before submitting payment.

  3. Grambo3208

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    There is a spot on the Credit Card page to enter an email address, but without confirmation from Slysoft that's where the key will go, I am hesitant to try...
  4. Grambo3208

    Grambo3208 Member

    It just gets better and better :mad:

    My 2nd AnyDVD key, purchased way back when Element5 was doing the credit card processing, is not even recognized on the upgrade form.

    So now I have 2 non-upgradable AnyDVD keys. Just lovely. :(
  5. DetroitBaseball

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    Slysoft will work with you to solve this.
  6. gizmo

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    AnyDVD License Key truncated in BUY NOW order form

    I have problems with the BUY NOW order form for AnyDVD HD UPGRADE

    The license that I have for AnyDVD is 221 characters long.

    The BUY NOW order form only allows for 100 characters for the old license key.

    The message that I get when copy and paste my old license is


    I believe the length of the license key in the BUY NOW order form is not long enough to contain the whole license key from the old AnyDVD.

    When will this be corrected so that I can submit my old AnyDVD license key in order to BUY NOW an AnyDVD HD UPGRADE ?
  7. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Do they want your serial number--not the license number (I'm not sure)? The serial number is found in Anydvd's information screen.
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  8. gizmo

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    Serial Number works for AnyDVD HD Upgrade

    Using the old AnyDVD serial number to BUY NOW the AnyDVD HD UPGRADE worked. I was able to proceed with the BUY NOW order. Thank you. The request to submit the old LICENSE Number was confusing - it should have been a request to submit the old SERIAL Number. Thank you for telling me how to find it.
  9. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    O.k. Thank you. I will bring this to someone's attention.