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    Is anyone else here using printable media? I was using Verbatem DVD-R printables. I used to buy them at out local Sam's club, but they stopped selling them. I haven't seen any printable media that was any good since. Now, the ones left are primarily Memorex and they are some expensive. Only available locally (Maine, USA) in 20 packs and for about $20 a pack.

    Has anyone else noticed a huge rise in printable media prices?
    If anyone has a good source for quality printable discs, where?!?

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    I use Verbatim +R 16X from Newegg. About $25 50pk. w-shipping. Meritline and Super Media Store also sell Verbatim and Ty printables.
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    Inkjet Printable

    I have purchased such DVD-R media made by prodisc for years now at at about $.31 each in hundreds. They have been VERY reliable with almost never a coaster. They also play in every standalone DVD player I have tried.

    As I live in the Los Angeles area the service is almost always next day delivery via UPS (usually w/free shipping).
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    It is great that you have had such good success with Prodisc but they are NOT a quality media unless the printables are made by someone other than the manufacturer of the regular Prodisc. Verbatim and TY can be purchased for that price.....or less.