Prince of Persia to ship with no DRM

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    Refer to the Fudzilla article here:

    At first blush I am thinking, "Awesome, they've learned a lesson." Thinking more I wonder if they will somehow add in some form of DRM at a later time in a game patch once they've ironed out some real game bugs instead of focusing on the DRM issues that make the game unplayable. I wonder how complex a DRM could be added after the fact in an update patch.

    Bugs in the DRM of a game have begun to cause some users to be unable to even play a game when they purchase it. When you are having issues with the game protection that make this happen then that says a lot. We're not talking a simple bug in the game itself. The people aren't even getting into the game to play. Nope, they just sit there stunned at what the DRM is causing and they just spent money on the game and have opened it which makes returning the game an absolute nightmare since every single store I am aware of simply refuses to take returns on opened CDs, DVDs, or games unless they are being exchanged for the same item. Well, if the protection makes the game unplayable then what will getting an exchange do to make the problem any better? Nothing. :rolleyes:

    So, what does this all mean? I guess we shall see, won't we?
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    depends if the disk has a protection signature on it, but its not used (yet), if the disk doesn't have a signature then the only other method would be a patch using product activation or something similar...
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    Valid point.

    I just can't believe they'll leave it unprotected. I think they want it to ship and be a success and remove the real game bugs when it first gets really played by a lot of people. Once the first round of public beta testing is completed then they'll add in the protection. Official game launches are nothing but a huge beta test these days.