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    I am trying to replace a .avi version of this disc I made with AutoGK when i bought the disc. I believe i used DVD decrypter and ANYDVD to rip the DVD originally, this was done in 2017 by the file creation date.

    Now no matter what I do I cannot get a copy of this DVD. It crashes out half way through with bad sectors / read errors. I usually going straight from disc through Handbrake with no issue but now i see reference to CSS errors such as:

    libdvdread: Can't open D:\ for reading
    libdvdread: Device D:\ inaccessible, CSS authentication not available

    My drive is a LG WH16NS40 (1.03 firmware) that rips 4K HDR and other DVDs flawlessly

    MakeMKV crashes same at 50% with or without ANYDVD

    Any ideas?

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    AnyDVD logfile please. As to handbrake, there's a sticky regarding that.
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    here ya go

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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Looks like a dirty/defective disc and/or drive

  5. trashcanman

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    Crazy, but i get it. Disc looks flawless and i have not even opened since i bought and ripped it originally till yesterday.

    I'll run it through the Disc Dr
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    We see this regurarly on the board. The human eye can't see microscopic defects in a discs' surface. A drive laser can. Not uncommon for discs to come problematic straight out of the wrapper. I'd start with a gentle wash with some water and mild soap and cleaning with microfibre cloth.