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Feb 20, 2014
Went into AS today and my other providers are working fine. Prime Video had been working before the recent update yesterday. When I tried today, it showed the search field and everything appeared fine but a search froze (no results and no way to change the search). I then closed and reopened AS a few times and got just the Prime/Home/Back/Forward buttons but nothing else below that.

I eventually deleted the tab and recreated it. After that, no request for ID/PW but also no anything else. The headers are there but all the content below where the Prime/Home/Back/Forward buttons are not there (not just empty fields).


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Update. After it set on the screen described above (only Prime/Home/Back/.Forward showing) while I wrote up the above, the service finally showed through and loaded up. I was able to do a search and see results. Clicking on options gets results but it's very slow. The other services in AS are not doing this.
Haven't used AS in a while, so updated to v1560 a little while ago.
Noticed prime not responding to searches and selections.
Followed @coopervid advise and it started working again.

One thing to note is that for Windows, you can use the following Environment Variable to get to your Local App Data a bit quicker:



Copy/Paste the following: %localappdata%\RedFox\AnyStream\cache

The only thing in the cache folder was a folder called Chromium. I deleted it, then opened and tested AS.

All is good...

Thanks @coopervid (y)