Prime video download problems !!

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by ward97, Jul 24, 2021.

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    My speed setting has always been at Unlimited, so the comparisons I'm doing are all at that speed.

    What I meant by "normal download speeds" was that the computer that I never upgraded from has continued to have the same quick download timeframes (normal), but the one I upgraded, then brought back down to now takes forever.

    Both are on the same network using the same Router so Internet service is a constant.

    Both used to take the same amount of time for downloading before upgrading the one.

    So, I don't know.

    I'll troubleshoot further...

    That is interesting.

    You've stayed at but now Amazon downloads are taking longer for you?

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    Please remember the larger the file the longer it may take to download it.
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    testiles, that is correct. It might be a coincidence, but when I noticed it being so incredibly slow I checked the settings and saw the 'new' Disney option, so I suppose it is possible that the slow-down began when that was added? Just guessing of course.

    RedFox 1, yes, of course larger files will take longer to download. But that hasn't changed from before. What we are trying to suggest here is that all things being equal to before, Amazon downloads take way longer than they used to (and *only* Amazon downloads), whereas Netflix has not changed. I used to always use the real time setting, then I changed it to 2x and it worked great for a couple of months. Now it is almost as thought that 2x is telling amazon to take twice as long to download. I'll try Amazon with the realtime setting later today to see if that helps.
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    Update: Seems the issue occurs when getting1080p files. I just got a 1280x720 and the speed was fine. Of course I realize that 1080p files are bigger and they will take longer, as has always been the case, but a 100 minute film at 1800x1080, 640 kbps DD+ 5.1 took over 4 hours last week, at 2x speed. I do tend to avoid the higher resolutions because my internet speed is so crappy, but I've done them before and that is how I was able to notice that they were particularly slower.

    All to say I was mistaken: lower resolutions work as they always have. 1080p is slower than before.
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    I'm experiencing the slowdown on NF and AZ. 45 min shows are now taking over an hour to get to 15%, before I just abort.

    NO VPN
    Speedtest : Download Mbps 466.33

    Happening on and the beta's.

    D+ was working with no issues on until recently when D+ just gives an error.

    I have not been able to down load anything for days as after the initial burst there is little to no activity on download. I have also made sure that no other programs are running that use the network.

    P.S> You guys do AMAZING work, this post is not a dig at you or a complaint! This post is merely here to hopefully help you with debugging, should you deem it helpful. :)

    EDIT: - Same thing, download is great fro 10 sec then stalls out, eventually estimated time is much greater that the length of the video. :(

    EDIT 2: Success!!!! I changed the download speed from 4x to Unlimited and now I can download file quickly again on NF, AZ, D+. The default must be 4x and I did not reset it when I reinstalled. D+ Avg download speed was over 300Mbps!

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    I usually use the 4X speed setting and it's fine, I just tried the Unlimited and it was a bit faster, not enough to make a real difference.
    Yes there are a few bugs that are currently being worked on, my HBO Max is working great now and so is Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, I do not have a Disney+ subscription.