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Pride and Prejudice


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Jan 29, 2007
Hi folks. Unable to back up Pride and Prejudice. Error message "cycle redundancy error at VTS_01_4.VOB". Searched the 'Net and found out that others experience the same problem. Using latest versions of SlySoft software. Suggestions? Thanks.
that error is usually a dirty or scratched disc error, clean the disc with dishdetergent and if still happens, use fabdecrypter to back it up into a folder. great movie that is.
I got the exact same error message when I tried backing up my recently purchased copy of “Pride and Prejudice” using the latest version of AnyDVD, v. I tried cleaning the DVD and using “AnyDVD Ripper,” but to no avail.

I finally got fed up trying to backup the DVD and instead decided to actually watch the DVD. I discovered that my store-bought DVD was defective. It would only play half way before the picture became garbled and distorted and then stop playing. I took the defective DVD back to BestBuy and exchanged it. The new DVD backed up beautifully.
Ya.... seems like a pretty good size "bad batch" of that movie got out the door.