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    This was a question at first, looking for links to older versions. Here's some links to different versions as I find them. There is no guarantee that any of these versions or links are still viable, your mileage may vary, etc, etc. I want to live dangerously and try to download some content from Netflix in HD while I still can. Figure others would as well.

    Just downloads current release

    Latest Release
    MD5: 01dac7f8998399d6bdaef40e303b06bd | SHA1: b08fed7a8ad63234c560e983d08c670300023b4d
    MD5: 7194ee47a2a09875b4181c028adcd347 | SHA1: 989dd17d0d16cc802eca2fb4444170b2e09c7957 Beta (No longer works for Amazon prime) Release

    Change Log:
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