Press Release: SlySoft acquires Game Jackal

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  1. Tom

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    Antigua, West Indies - March, 13th 2007

    SlySoft acquires Game Jackal

    The Antigua based copy protection specialist SlySoft has now
    acquired Game Jackal from Australian software company Jacal
    Consulting. All further development of Game Jackal has been
    taken over by SlySoft.

    Giancarlo Bettini, CEO at SlySoft: "Due to new Australian copyright
    law, Jacal Consulting had to take down the Game Jackal website
    in January and SlySoft took this opportunity to complement our
    software portfolio. Game Jackal is a perfect addition to our range
    of product offerings."

    "The first release of SlySoft Game Jackal will come at the end of March",
    SlySoft's Marketing Director, Tom Xiang, said. "We will be adding a few
    new features and some more languages. However, for our first release,
    our main focus will be the changeover to the SlySoft license system,
    with free lifetime updates. Old Game Jackal users can be easily
    upgraded to a SlySoft license, for no more than 10 USD."

    Anthony Smith, Technical Director at Jacal Consulting: "We are happy
    that Game Jackal has found a perfect new home. SlySoft is well known
    for their customer satisfaction and we can be sure that our
    customers will be in good hands."


    SlySoft and Game Jackal Logos:

    About Game Jackal:
    Game Jackal is a Windows software that allows users to play PC game
    titles without the need for the game's media to be in the CD-ROM
    or DVD-ROM drive, similar to a virtual drive. Instead of large
    standard disc images, Game Jackal uses a proprietary format which
    takes up considerable less storage space by working to only capture
    data the game requires to run.

    About SlySoft, Inc.:
    SlySoft was founded in 2002 by Giancarlo Bettini and is based on the
    beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua. Our mission at SlySoft Inc.
    is to produce a line of high-quality, user-friendly software tools and
    drivers for multimedia applications and hardware. We strive to ensure
    our products are state-of-the art and constantly update our product
    line to support the newest innovations in the multimedia as well as
    in the computer industries.

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  2. jabbilabbi

    jabbilabbi Member

    previous GJ users

    Nice! I like.

    Just in case SlySoft is not aware. There were previous ranks of users from the original Game Jackal.

    I beleive, basic, pro and enterprise.

    Is it $10 USD for all of us?
  3. Danger

    Danger Well-Known Member

    Bloody'ell, about time :clap:
  4. Kilgore87

    Kilgore87 Well-Known Member

    by switching licenses, this doesn't mean i have to re-profile all of my games does it? i've got over 20 or so and i wouldn 't want to have to go though all the motions all over again.
  5. Eugene

    Eugene New Member

    Let me make sure I'm getting this clear - I just paid for a lifetime license on a piece of software, and now a few months later I have to buy it all over again?
  6. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    You will not be paying full price all over again. Without Slysoft future development of this program would be dead in the water, and Game Jackal would eventually become useless due to copy protections trying to break the manner in which Game Jackal works.

    You can't expect Slysoft to offer you future development on this program and technical support for free, when none of the initial money you paid for went to Slysoft. Slysoft, in all likelyhood, paid a lot of money to acquire GameJackal.

    So you have two options: keep your existing software that will have otherwise become obsolete without Slysoft's support--or pay the new license fee (which is hardly the equivalent of paying full price over again for the Pro version).

    Seems fair to me
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  7. Bifford

    Bifford Member

    I for one am more than willing to pay a measly $10 - though I would like a £UK option as long as it's not £10 - the proper currency conversion rate please, or fairly near to it - which at the moment equals £5.20.

    There's nothing worse that American companies such as Windows and Adobe selling something for exactly the same figure in $ and £. $800 is NOT the same as £800, it is £415 !!!!!! Yet we are forced to pay it..

    So I say to Slysoft - thankyou thankyou thankyou for taking over GameJackal. I'm willing to pay again but please take into consideration your British friends! :)

    one other thing - will your first edition work fully on vista? because I still can't use it on this machine since upgrading to vista.

    Best wishes
    Sam / Bifford
  8. zcaa0g

    zcaa0g New Member

    Eugene, you shouldn't be ticked off at SlySoft, you should be ticked off with Australia bowing down to the entertainment industry whether it be movies, music or games. Or secondary to that, Jacal Consulting deciding not to relocated to another country. :)

    I've been using GameJackal since the day it was released and the $10 for LIFETIME updates is nothing! Especially, when you can consider the number of other software developers that charge annually for upgrades to their products.

    I for one am thankful that SlySoft picked up this product as opposed to letting such a great product be abandoned.
  9. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I'm pretty sure Slysoft would charge your credit card $10 U.S. in this instance, and your credit card would be responsible for converting the cost--but I'm not positive.
  10. Arnir

    Arnir Member

    I agree that ten dollars isn't at all bad for rescuing the product and lifetime updates.
  11. InTheFlow

    InTheFlow Well-Known Member

    I'm quite happy with this news too and agree with everyone's comments about being grateful that SlySoft is taking over the program and offering us existing users such a GREAT value.

    One thing to keep in mind is that SlySoft will probably have very regular updates to the software and aggressively develop it as well. Certainly, that is worth $10 to me. :clap:

    @SlySoft: I would have liked to see you emphasize the fact that profiles can not be shared. From the press release, it makes the software sound like just another program that lets people rip off games. In my eyes, one of the biggest strengths of GJ is that you need to own the product before creating the profile. Focusing on this aspect of GJ may make it easier to develop the program since perhaps the game publishers would not be so quick to blacklist the program. Thanks again for taking over GJ. I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us! 8)
  12. jodokast89

    jodokast89 Active Member

    Thank you SO MUCH SlySoft!! This has made me soooo happy! A measly $10 is nothing for life time updates. I do have a question though, with the pro version I had two licenses. I use one for my Laptop and one for the desktop. Will I have to buy two of the new $10 SlySoft licenses? And one other thing ... will the new version work in Vista?

    Once again thank you SlySoft for the continuation of Game Jackal!

    :D :clap: :bowdown:

    Edit: Where can I buy my new SlySoft license? Do i need to e-mail some my previous GJ info?
  13. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    I'm tired of people being cheap and wanting everything free.
  14. Sithis

    Sithis Member

    I second that. I think the original makers of Game Jackal went out of their way to ensure their product could not be used to pirate software -- yet it seems that they were basically forced into giving it up nonetheless. I hope that the software industry will see that GJ is not the enemy. It was (is) an excellent product, so I'm definitely looking forward to continued support by SlySoft. Especially for Vista. ;)
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  15. BadIronTree

    BadIronTree Active Member


    yep is nothing :)
    i have all slysoft products some time now (exept the new anydvd HD)

    i am also a very old user in gamejackal... i remeber i got it in summer some years ago for 9 euros when it was at the start :) (lifetime pro)

    now in vista i have some problems-bugs and i want them fixed :)

    so 10 $ is nothing
  16. azzaro9111

    azzaro9111 New Member

    Good News for sure

    I just want to add my own two cents in appreciation that Game Jackal found a new home. Its a shame in my view that the Austalian govt has adopted the proposed repressive legislation which prevents the rightful owner of copywrite material from making a legitimate archival copy for fair use of the purchaser. Lets hope the same fate isn't around the corner for Slysoft. I hope the govt of Antigua isn't bullied or coerced by the US govt into changing their own copywrite laws, if in fact there are any.

    Secondly, I would like to ask the moderator of this forum ( Webslinger ? ) if Slysoft will support the 3 versions of Game Jackal formerly offered by Jackal consulting, namely the standard version, Pro version and of course the Enterprise edition. As a licensed owner of the Pro version, I am wondering if the proposed 10$ upgrade cost will apply to the 3 versions, if in fact the 3 versions will continue to be supported by Slysoft?

    Thanks and once again Kudo's to Slysoft for aquiring and supporting a fine new product.

    :agree: :agree: :clap: :clap:
  17. khlb

    khlb Well-Known Member

    Great going there. I wish SlySoft good luck in this endeavour.

    Have you hired new talented programmers for this task, or is it James and Peer’s burden to make the customers happy with this piece of software to?
  18. Techy

    Techy Member

    I had never heard of this before it showed up here on the forums, but I tried it and I can't wait till Slysoft starts offering it.
  19. hibud

    hibud New Member

    me to :clap: slysoft
  20. bjproc

    bjproc Well-Known Member

    thats the way it works for anything else i've bought in $$, it gets converted by your credit card company, lets hope the pounds are doing bad against the dollar :D