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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Randy D, Jul 9, 2007.

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    I am using trial versions of AnyDVD and Clonedvd and my question is really two-part.

    I think I have the answer to my first question: If you don’t check “preserve menus” when making a copy of the full movie to hard drive, does that mean the menus are gone from that copy? From searching through the forums and reading the guides, I originally thought you only needed to check “preserve menus” when splitting across two single layer discs. I ripped a whole Sopranos disc containing 4 episodes to my hard drive using Clonedvd, but I didn’t check “preserve menus.” When I used Clonedvd to split the saved “movie” onto 2 single layer discs with 2 episodes on each disc, I couldn’t access any menus on the dvd-r copies even though I had checked “preserve menus” when I prepared to burn the titles from the hard drive. I guess this means that you should always check “preserve menus” when making any copies or they will be lost. Correct?

    The second question is: What is the quickest/easiest way to make a new copy on the hard drive that contains the menus? I checked “Use CSS Key Archive” when setting up AnyDVD, so I assume this will save a little time in recopying the original disc to the hard drive. Is there any way to add the menus to what I’ve already copied without recopying everything that I copied the first time?
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    Yeh, of course, if you want menus on a single disk, split backup on both disks or DL disk backup, always check "Preserve Menus". Or, of course, you won't be able (easily) to choose what episodes to play. And since (depending on the DVD original's authoring) player-recognizable default tracks and/or even the ability to switch between audio and subtitle tracks is often matrixed through the menu structure, you are ensuring that you will have full, track playing compatibility when played on your DVD player.

    Re-rip the original with preserve menus checked ...

    Most members advise to keep this feature un-checked. It is essentially unnecessary, can sometimes cause more decryption errors than it resolves and has no practical use since any measurable time savings are slight. AnyDVD does fine with out this selected. As a matter of fact, I don't even know why it is included in AnyDVD settings.

    No, just pull out the original and copy it again but the way you want it this time ... no big deal right ... 10-12 minutes and your done.

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    Thanks for the response. I was following Zebadee's AnyDVD Intro Guide at when I checked the "Use CSS Key Archive" option. I will uncheck that feature and re-rip from the original as you suggested.

    Randy D
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    Ohhh . . .

    In all fairness, I think Zebadee is just explaining what that option does. I would recommend leaving it unchecked. If Anydvd happens to get the key wrong the first time, Anydvd will continue to get the key wrong each subsequent time you insert the same disc.