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  1. coopervid

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    Maybe I'm not the only one who oversees and oversaw the AnyDVD icon turning purple if Cinavia is detected during processing a disc containing Cinavia. I actually would like to have a more obvious hint that Cinavia is present in the sound files either by CloneBD or a bubble message with text by AnyDVD. It happened to me several times that I had burned backup discs and later detected that it contains Cinavia and had to start all over again.

    Thanks in advance for considering my proposal!
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That's what the preview player already does, it'll tell you in a split second if it's present in the selected audio track. Usually immediately, though if the title has little sounds at the start you may need to jump a few scenes to a spot with a audible audio.

    AnyDVD itself will NEVER be able to do it, without major redesign. Analyzing audio to detect cinavia requires some form of audio processing, and that's simply not something AnyDVD can do in its current form.

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  3. coopervid

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    Thanks Ch3vron! I wasn't aware of that and never used the preview player.

    I usually keep the English and German sound tracks. Does it detect it if only one sound track contains Cinavia which is sometimes the case?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    It doesn't care how many tracks are in the video. It just checks whether the audio track that's currently active in the preview player, has cinavia or not. That's all the cinavia checking needs to do. It's mainly only present in the primary (HD) track anyway.

    And even then mostly only on Sony (main backer behind the technology) and lionsgate titles and often the logo is visible on the packaging. (At least for Sony titles).

    To my surprise, the blockbuster 'blade runner 2049' didn't have the logo here, nor was it detected by clbd. Maybe it's on the way out :p

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  5. coopervid

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    Great. I learned something today! Very much appreciated!;)