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    I've been reading trying to find the answers with no luck....
    • Does Anystream provide lossless capture (WEB-DL) or does it encode the stream?
    • When using hardware to capture (WEBRip), I've seen it recommended that one not save the file to the same HDD as the OS (I assume to avoid performance issues), would that practice be useful here?
    • Can this be run as a docker container for Unraid?
    As to downloading speed
    • I see that you recommend realtime recording, isn't the entire stream delivered within a minute or two?
      • I ask because typically I can fast forward to the end of a movie witin a few seconds of starting it which suggests to me that the file is fully downloaded already.
    I ask about speed because I want to minimize the time that my hardware is busy with any one task. I strongly support DL limits within the product. My goal is not to harvest for the sake of harvesting but rather free up thinly stretched resources as quickly as possible (if it makes sense).

    Transfer license to new PC
    • Based on the FAQ it seems that this is possible using the "I have reinstalled Windows" method?
    Thanks, I look forward to trying then buying Anystream after the next update or so.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    1. It's a downloader, no encoding involverd
    2. What do you mean using hardware to capture. The service providers tell anystream which audio and video track it needs according to settings, anystream grabs them as is and puts them in an mp4 container. End of story. Don't know who told you that other things but that's baseless.
    3. You'll have to try, it might. Some do have success in a virtual environment. There's 1 restriction, running in a VM REQUIRES a license. Trial versions do not support VM.
    4. Realtime = realtime, it takes as long to download as it does to watch (actually stream). That's the whole point of realtime. Anything higher downloads at a higher speed than it would take to watch. I seriously doubt you have a fully downloaded file in seconds.
    5. License questions arent in the FAQ. As always, licenses are user bound, not machine bound. There is no " i have reinstalled windows" method in any redfox/elaborate bytes product.
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    Perfect, thank you.

    You misunderstand, I'm not referring to AnyStream here, I'm referring to methods of hardware capture. Regardless, it seems like you're saying that capturing to a non-OS HDD has no benefit. Understood, thank you again.


    I see that licenses are user not PC bound so thta's good.
    All in all I'm excited to give AnyStream a go in the coming days....
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    "hardware capture"?

    As to the image, that's still no "reinstalled windows method". That line (at least to me) gave the impression that you had some sort of message when installing anystream regarding a windows install. All those instructions tell you is what to do if your license key (not your software settings) don't work anymore after an OS reinstall
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    Can I install it on my home computer and on my laptop? I'm always traveling.

    I see that I can now use a Visa card to purchase. Does this work now?
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    As always, you can install and register on mode than 1 oc, as long as only 1 computer has the program active at a time.

    As to if visa works now, I can't tell you. I have a license, I'm afraid your going to have to try and find out.

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  7. AcesOfThePacific

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    It doesn't work. I've tried twice now. If you have contact with the people who work at this company, please tell them it doesn't work.
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    Hi Ch3vr0n,

    Just for my understanding, why can't AnyStream trick the services that it is a dedicated hardware like Amazon Fire TV stick or Apple TV so that streams can be downloaded in 4K HDR instead of just Full HD?

    Thanks :)
  10. bartinoUHD

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    The problem is not in obtaining the 4K manifests, that is really easy, the problem is in the Decryption, as it has been said many times, 4K uses a very complicated device L1 system, and Anystream uses device L3, so it cannot .
  11. happyguy82

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    ok so you're saying the app that we download and install on the stick has the decryption keys for L1? Understood, thanks. I'll look up what these terminologies mean in order to get a better understanding.

    EDIT: ok I've just looked into this. L1 is hardware based. Now it makes sense.
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  12. Ch3vr0n

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    I have no idea, I don't work work for redfox.

    Now can ppl please stop discussing technical aspects of AnyStream, or do I need to repeat that very large statement that pete specifically asked to stop doing that. Next post that does this will get removed and the account suspended. At the very least for the next 3 months.

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  13. happyguy82

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    Apologies I wasn't aware of that at all.