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    Remastering, Enable auto selection for removed streams. Check the box or not ??? What is the difference? Preferences window inside of clone dvd. Sometimes on movies (Backups) whenever you try to select a certain audio stream or subtitle from the main menu, it won't play it will just continue to play the one that it wants to. Is this because the auto selection box is checked, and even if the audio stream is there it autoselects another one because this setting is not very concrete, or do I have the wrong idea completely about this setting? If so can you please tell me in a little bit of detail, what this setting does both ways?? thank you
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    What are you talking about? Explain it in more detail please.
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    Go to your CloneDVD preferences and you'll see the Enabled auto-selection for removed streams option under Remastering

    If you place your mouse pointer over the option and right-click you'll see the following

    If you have a movie whose main audio stream was Spanish but it also had an alternative English audio stream and removed the other streams and left the English stream this setting, when enabled, would tell the DVD player to use it as the primary audio stream. As noted some DVD players will not work properly with this.

    If you didn't enable this and removed the primary audio stream and left the English stream then you'd have to manually change the audio through the DVD player when viewing the movie otherwise you'd end up with no audio whatsoever when watching the video since the expected audio stream is missing.

    This really isn't an option I've ever needed to use but I always have it enabled.
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