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    When setting Stream Preferences do I eed to have both 2 channels and 6 channels blocks checked? Checking 1 or the other saves enough space that I can get away with using regular DVD's as opposed to the dual layer ones on many DVD's.
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    click and read fully please
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    In other words play the movie in 2 and 6 channel, listen and then decide. I don't know where you are finding DL DVD's for around $1.85, the best I've found is 15 for $50. Considering SL's are like 50 for $20 the difference adds up. As for the "director's comments" who cares! :) I'm lucky if I can get the family to sit thru a whole movie together and if it's just me and the wife I consider myself unlucky if I end up watching the whole movie! :D

    Oh and thanks for the reply!
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    Yeah, most often you will find the 2 channel audio is Director's comments (not always, but often).

    I got all of my Verbatim +R DLs (made in Singapore) for about $1 each (on sale). I didn't write that post though. Whisperer did.
    MAM-A 8x +R DLs are decent as well. These two that I've mentioned are the only +R DLs worth buying. The rest are mostly inconsistent in performance.

    And I typically use Clonecd--not Clonedvd with them: click
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