Predators (2010) - Part of 4-movie Collection

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    Unable to rip the above mentioned movie.
    • Predators (2010) - Nordic distribution
    • EAN / UPC number: 7 340112 747732
    • URL:
    • Problem when ripping to image
    • Popup telling me "No data for the disc "Predators" is available in the online decryption database!"
    • Two error messages in the status window.
      • ERROR: No data in online decyption database!
      • ERROR processing Blu-ray disc!
    Worth mentioning is that the other three discs work without any issues.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Seems like AnyDVD needs decryption data from the OPD. Since you provided a logfile @Pete can get right to work. Please wait for his response.

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    I do not want to bother but have seen this thread? :)
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    I have seen it. Good enough? ;)