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Pre-Purchase questions?


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Jun 6, 2007
Hi there,

Can some kind soul please help me out a bit here before I take the plunge & register all of these programs please?

What I am trying to achieve is this;

1. As high a quality rip from my DVD collection to HDD as I am able
2. The ability to play the 'bare movie' from both my Media PC and XBOX 360 - if I want the menu/features/etc. I can put the original DVD in the DVD Player!

Reading around it seems that I need a combination of programs;

a. AnyDVD to remove Copy Protection (& possibly Menus, features, layer change FBI Warnings, trailers etc. etc.)
b. CloneDVD to do the actual ripping of DVD to HDD
c. VideoRedo to 'Quickstream Fix' the resulting file(s) so the XBOX can play them?

I have downloaded trial versions of all the above programs and installed on my Media PC where I intend to rip/store some of my DVD Collection to include Music DVD, Demo DVD and maybe a few of my favourite films.

Again the intention is to give me a quick & easy way to jump straight into a selected title and watch it without the FBI Warning screen, trailers, menus, features etc.

I have AnyDVD running in the background - does this work transparently to other programs such as CloneDVD, My Movies etc? :confused:

Apologies for the long post but I have detailed the steps I have taken to get this far below - if they are OK it may help others in the future...

I insert the DVD
AnyDVD scans the disc and does its stuff
Windows then pops opens its usual 'What do you want me to do with the inserted disc?' window which I close.
Launch CloneDVD and select Copy DVD Titles
It seems to select the main feature & soundtrack which I can alter if desired
Select DVD+/-R DL to achieve 100% quality
I then select the Output method which in this case is DVD Files
I choose the Destination directory
I check 'Add VIDEO_TS to path' - do I need to do this?
I click Go and CloneDVD does its stuff
When finished I am left with the following in my chosen destination directory;
VTS_01_2.VOB etc. etc.

The resultant files I can play from within Media Centre using My DVD (courtesy of TweakMCE) & My Videos and also on the XP desktop using PowerDVD as expected.

Now comes the interesting bit - how do I make the resulting files available to the XBOX? :confused:

I suppose I should really direct this towards VideoReDo but some of you on here may be using this or a similar program already so...

I have tried the "Quickstream Fix" from within VideoReDo but it only seems to act upon one .VOB file and not the whole movie...

Is there an Idiot's Guide or resource to walk me through what I am trying to do please?

Apologies for the long post :eek:

Thanks & kind regards,
As Anydvd and Clonedvd are working correctly for you, your questions pertain to the use of third party products. I will move your thread to the appropriate forum.
You're going to need to convert the vobs into a single mpeg file in order to do what you want. MCE will not stream vobs to a media extender(the 360 in this case). VideoReDo is a great program but will not do what you need here. You need to find a way to convert all the vobs into one mpeg2 file.
would it not be best to convert them into wmv files if you want to play them on the 360?
That works, too, but, I left all mine as mpeg2 files so as not to lose quality. Converting to WMV will definitely degrade the quality no matter what bitrate you set it to. The easiest method I've found for doing DVD->MPEG2 conversions is this:

Open DVD with CloneDVD Mobile
Set output to VOB pass through
Once big VOB is on the machine, use VideoReDo to write it out as an MPEG2 file

Then once the MPEG2 file is in your video library, you can easily stream it to the 360. The only bad part about this method is that you will definitely lose subtitles.