PowerDVD version - do we need a sticky?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Bommy, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Bommy

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    I'm trying to use AnyDVDHD in my HTPC because none of my displays are HDCP-compliant, so I have no other choice. It seems to me, though, that there area ll these versions of PowerDVD around and it's not clear which one to use.

    Is there a simple answer - a current best version? - and if so, would it not be a good idea to have a sticky pointing out which one it is. I just want my HTPC to work and I don't really have the time to follow every single new development...
  2. mobileh264

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    You are right.

    I think we need a table showing the features of each version of powerdvd.

    I'll make a start on it and post it, then the experts on this forum can add to it.
  3. Bommy

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    Excellent, thank you very much.
  4. digitalfreak

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    :agree: :clap:
  5. +Karma-کwampy

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    Good idea

    Good idea
    Not only are there numerous versions of power dvd about 3319a seems to be the best and most people preferred it for hddvd from hd.I find cpu usage varies from build to build as well so a list is a good idea for people with border line cpu,s
  6. mobileh264

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    Here is a rough first stab of a concept PDVD version checker...

    I'm not sure about some of the dates. I will check again later and put in exact release dates where appropriate.

    Any errors, omissions or recommendations, don't hesitate to ask and I'll put in.

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  7. Bommy

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    Good work, thanks. Two quick points regading the HD files vs ISO issue.

    1 - is it possible to make an ISO from the files/folders ripped on my HD, or do I have to go back to the disc?

    2 - Using Vista MCE/Mymovies2, which can you get it to launch PDVD for - ripped folder only, ISO only, or both? (Assuming you're using a PDVD version that supports both, obviously).
  8. bjmills

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    Yes, no problem. I believe you want to use "Build" mode in ImgBurn for that.
  9. +Karma-کwampy

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    cpu usage

    Is there any way of including cpu usage guide in chart i find cpu usage varies alot from early to later builds has that got anything to do with dxva or is it the addition of decoding extra audio thoughts please keep up the good work

    amd x2 4200
    1900 xtx
    2 gig ram
    2 terrabyte hd
    xbox 360 hd dvd
    realtek hd spdif out
    power dvd 3319a
    power dvd portable 3026
    anydvd hd
    panasonic ae700 pj
  10. Bommy

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    Thanks for your reply bjmills. Can anyone answer question 2? Don't want to convert them all to ISOs/re-rip to ISOs to find out that mymovies prefers folders of rips.

  11. Adbear

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    CPU usage varies from system to system and depends on your graphics card as well so it would be pretty much redundant
  12. perryking

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    Thanks. But picture is barely readable and when printed one can't read the text in the fields. Maybe you could just post the actual Excel file. TNX Perry

    I take it Power DVD is the BEST DVD player. Right? Thats all I want to know for sure. How about PowerDVD Ultra version?