PowerDVD scales full HD movie to 720p

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    i got an issue with PowerDVD. I got a full HD movie (there is no copy protection or something as it's a recording from TV). When I play it back with PowerDVD the video is directly put out though the DVI connector of my graphics card. The display I use is a full HD too. But it says the signal it receives from the computer is 720p, any ideas?

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    Just a thought...

    You mentioned you are using the DVI connection on your card but are you connecting to the PC connection on your TV? If so it probably wont accept 1080p!

    I only have 720p TV but was looking at upgrading to a full HD 1080p, I downloaded 2 manuals of such TVs both of which are the latest models (but not highest spec) one sony LCD and the other a Panasonic Plasma and neither would accept 1080p over the PC connection. Only HDMI will allow full 1080p!

    Included with my graphics card pack was a DVI to HDMI convertor but Im yet to try it as I havent bought my new TV yet! Maybe this would solve the problem.

    Hope this helps
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    Nope, I'm actually connecting it with an adapter to an HDMI input on the TV. It accepts 1080p. I tried to use it as the second display for the computer and it works fine at 1920x1080. So only the output of PowerDVD is down to 720p :(
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