PowerDVD build 3730 available

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by XxDeadlyxX, Jan 31, 2008.

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    Great, thanks. Maybe thats why they wouldn't give me the 3704 version when I asked support a couple of days back. Hope this lets me watch Resident Evil Extinction finally. Can't wait to try it when I get back.
  4. mrcola

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    I dont know whether its my oem license but the update wont work for me . Even the update I got through my oem CyberLink Hi-Def Suite from my LG - GGC - H20L :(
  5. Rathbone80

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    3:10 to Yuma menus finally work
  6. wayland

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    yuma menu's dont work here, how are you navigating them? keyboard or mouse, i tried both and neither work for me
  7. Rathbone80

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    Keyboard and arrow keys
  8. Jong

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    And if anyone is interested, still no downmixing of TrueHD to DD over s/pdif :(

    AVC seems smoother on my rather pathetic 7600GT. I have had some problems with high bit-rate AVC stuff (VC-1 seems more forgiving), even though my CPU utilisation is fine. 3730 definitely seems better, but it may be luck. I found that rewinding and playing again, or even just exiting and reloading, could make a difference.

    I am planning to upgrade to a 3850 once the fanless versions are available here in the UK, but it makes a couple of discs I have already playable in the meantime.
  9. bachuka

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    Good input....what sound card are you using for the downmixing problem?

    Also, as far as waiting for the fanless solution, I would not do it. I've had nothing but trouble with fanless solutions...it causes video studder. I had a 8600gts fanless by Gigabyte and eventually had to replace the fanless heatsink with a Zalman GPU cooler to prevent video studder. The GPU temp went down from 65-80 degreees celcius to 34-45 which was much more stable.
  10. bachuka

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    Are you playing from ISO or from disc?
  11. Rathbone80

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    I play off disc
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    Looks like powerdvd for disc playback (1.1.profile looks sweet) and arcsoft for hdd playback,(thanks to anydvd),where to now.:bang:
  13. Jong

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    I'm using the on-board Realtek chip on my P5W DH motherboard just to feed s/pdif to my Denon amp. The failure to downmix TrueHD to DD is an acknowledged bug by Cyberlink. They are promising a patch to fix it. I guess I hoped this was it. At the moment i am using the Realtek to re-encode the 6-channel PCM soundtrack to DD @640kb/s. But I would prefer just to have PowerDVD do this and feed s/pdif to the soundcard.

    This is a dedicated HTPC in a public space. I am really trying to keep it 'silent'. I currently have a fanless 7600GT and it is doing a good job. I hear your concerns and we will see! I'm still hoping that the airflow from my rear fans will keep it around 65 (I know not below 50) and frankly if it shows heat problems at those temps it is going back! It is well within spec. Certainly my 7600GT can run for hours and hours @75 running 3DMark with no artifacts or issues. You can laugh at me later if I'm back here admitting failure! :D
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    Cool, keep me posted, the zalman is very quiet albeit kind of expensive. I've had this problem on all 3 of my HTPC's using a passive solution. I even opened the side of my case on one of them and still have the problem with the passive cooling. Good luck.
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    Has this release disabled playback of titles where AACS has been removed? I thought i read they were going to do this due to pressure from the studios? Or am i thinking of something else?
  16. wayland

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    disc, is yours the US disc? i wonder if the menu's are different
  17. XxDeadlyxX

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    AnyDVD still doesn't work with BD+ discs on this build... is this being worked on?

    3730 is needed for discs like Sunshine which don't work properly on 3319a.
  18. rfielder

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    3730 does not fix the issue with Resident Evil: Extinction for me.

    Now, when I try to view Sunshine from iso, it says that it is an unrecognized file structure. That is new - with the OEM version of PowerDVD Ultra, I was able to view the movie.
  19. digitalfreak

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  20. James

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    Sunshine is BD+, use PowerDVD 3104, 3319 or (preferred) 3319a